I want lizardfolk :)

Are there any in the game anywhere? I don’t recall. I would really LOVE to see them as a player race. Not sure what side they’d be on. Maybe make them like the Pandas and let them choose?


I mean there’s saurok, which we saw a lot of in MoP. All of them seem pretty belligerent, so I’m not sure there’s a good way to align them with a playable faction.

Horde Saurok please.

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The Sethrak are technically lizard people because they have arms and legs. While they might have snake-like heads, that does not make them snake people.

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Play ffxiv

If you really like the idea of having sauroks as a playable race, you can join the mega thread on them.

If you can, maybe participate in what you say about the sethraks.

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I want Sethrak so bad.

I’d love to play a Horde lizard priest :lizard:


Ogres first.

I don’t want SNAKE people I want LIZARD people. And I don’t want to play FFXIV either. lol

I love this community. :unamused:

I don’t wonder we can’t attract new players if we send those here to FF, because we’re too edgy to bring real improvements that add more people together.

I also don’t admire that the alliance is the faction relegated to receive only neglect of the devs and mockery of the Horde.


Been a while since played and their new expansions dont look interestingto me. Now, do they have actual playable lizard folk like TES/ESO’s Argonians?

Or is it just fancy human / elves with “lizard parts” aka Lizard Grl / Boi

Doesnt matter what side saurok/Sethrak are on, that be new main and every alt for me.

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Saurok are the main “lizard” race in the game. There are also Sethrak who are a snake race. As far as I know, those are the only big reptilian races in the game.

That said, a lizardman race is something WoW is very much lacking. It’s one of the reasons I created the Saurok megathread to support them as a playable Horde race. They have a big hurdle to overcome, but it’s not impossible to work them to be playable, considering BfA has tribe of them are working together with other races as pirates.

Since you mentioned specifically wanting a lizard man race, if you’re interested in seeing all the ideas and discussions about playable Saurok and want to help support them, you can find the Saurok megathread here:

As for FF14, there isn’t really a fully playable lizardman race in that game currently. There are Bangaa as a NPC race, who are a race of lizardmen, but I’m not sure what the chances they are in being playable. If they ever did become playable, I’d consider giving FF14 a try.

Anyway, heres hoping we get a playable lizardman race in WoW in the near future! :meat_on_bone: :crocodile:


People like you call everything edgy.

The words you are looking for are cynical and whiny.

Wonder if Blizzard would be willing to put in a Clinton’s reference in the game and make them lizard people.

That goes against the great plan. It is as the slaan decide.


It is better that ogres arrive last, and finally arrive, than never arrive.
It would be better for those who want ogres to come together for ogres to begin with, and so perhaps they could get more support from other groups with similar agendas.

Frankly, there is a mega thread somewhere in this forum, that is suggesting ogres but is so seasonally frequented by those who post for ogres.

With so little enthusiasm being shown by ogres, it will be hard to motivate Blizzard to look more seriously at them.

Maybe it’s an anecdote, the talk that people want ogres.

For my part, I support the inclusion of Sauroks as a playable race.

And if possible, sethraks would also be a good addition to the diversity of playable races in Warcraft.

The closest thing would be the “Au Ra,” who are a human-like race with scales. There isn’t really a fully playable lizard man race in that game, currently, and it seems like they tend to lean towards human-like races when they add playable races for the most part, sadly.

Bangaa, while a full lizardman race, are not currently playable, though they have been units in some of the Final Fantasy Tactics games and made appearances in some games like FF12. However, a lot of people mention that helmets would likely not work with them, which can be solved by not using the helmet graphic like with the recently playable Viera, among other issues with them. Still, if they ever become playable, I’ll consider giving it a try.

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Former Iksar player here, Everquest and Everquest 2. I wish there were lizard folk in this game, as long as they aren’t the “latest” ones with goofy cobra heads. Saurok would be cool (I guess they’re mostly in pandaria?), the cobra dudes from this expansion I don’t like cause their heads are too big, but I’m open to the idea of a saurian race, and a cat race would be nice while they’re at it.

I mean they beat EQ in the gameplay department, at least they could do the same or better with race options as well.

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Blah. Well just gonna keep to goblins till Saurok / Sethrak get hopefully added lol.

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Iksar are my favorite Everquest race and was the reason I got into Everquest 1 to begin with. I would love to recreate my Iksar characters from there in WoW. I’d also be excited if we got necromancers, as I’d love to remake my Iksar Necromancer as a Saurok Necromancer. Saurok Warlock would work fine otherwise. :skull:

I personally support both Sethrak and Saurok. Both offer different things to the game and can both be added while offering unique gameplay and themes to the game. :crocodile: :snake:

Ogres are also one of my most wanted races, and I very much support them to be playable. :japanese_ogre:

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