I made a Broken Priest... Shelving my Tank

If we go into every detail about the bugs then what is the point of the Bug forums? Which I have 2 Reports made weeks ago. I even said it in the OP.

I didn’t come here to make the same detail bug report in Classic Discussions which would be off topic. I came here to ask are you tired of your Class/Spec not working correctly and did you reroll because of it.

You can go to the Bug Report forums and see them. You can read through the countless threads there. No need to repost that.

Again you are making this personal and wanted to just troll the thread. Oh well can we just stick to the topic, please and thanks. Geez :man_facepalming:

No not everyone has some groundbreaking hidden conspiracy :joy: Just discuss the topic or don’t… Either or not responding to the trolling anymore. Just gonna report it and move on so the thread can continue.

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So you’ll go into detail about the priest shield bug we all know about but won’t tell us about the warrior bugs that are causing you to reroll, in which you originally made the thread about.

Yeah I believe you dude.


Complains that the OP is complaining :white_check_mark:
Posts on retail character :white_check_mark:
provide 0 ground for legitimate discussion

3/3 this is a troll ez report


I know right moving on with the discussion and just reporting the blatant agenda to derail a thread.

Mad because I pointed out the thread is literally useless and just made to complain about shield bug?

We all know about it already homie, go write about it in your journal.

edit: Charge/Intercept DR Bug/Unintended!

lol, i’m the one with the agenda btw.


Just to name a ‘few’ of the bugs affecting warrior gameplay.


He’s always mad. Before launch he would rage and claim people wouldn’t make it to level 30. Imagine thinking leveling to 60 is hard


Finally, if you put some of that in your OP you can start to have a real discussion instead of the garbage you originally posted.

Oh, you’re not even the OP.

Jesus, a random poster is more useful than OP.


Not my thread, but i did agree that rolling a priest to cash in on a class where a bug is having positive game effects instead.

Even using bugs between classes as a bonus.

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Playing my resto shaman and leveling a druid tank alt.


How do you like Druid? I kinda want to make an odd ball spec and do Boomkin.

You made your bug thread on Reddit?

Warrior isnt easy… but i haven’t run into any bugs pretty sure.

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It makes you invincible only in situations where you’re getting hit by nothing but crits. My point is, outside of PVP v.s warriors using reck or maybe rogues, how often does that come up?

Your original post made it sound like you rolled a priest and now the entire game is “easy mode.” Like you’re face rolling through all the content, because of a bug that specifically mitigates melee crits. A thing that, at low levels in PVE, almost never happens. So you’re mitigating practically nothing. Maybe one melee hit out every 50? The bug changes nothing. You’re obviously being way hyperbolic over this because you don’t like that it impacts your ability to PVP priests.

The bug you’re complaining about applies only to a very, very specific situation which your hypothetical low level priest has probably not even encountered.


Wrecking things just fine with my warrior. Maybe you should just like… get gud?


Umm, blizzard already confirmed that charge movement being slower under a slow effect was vanilla like behavior during the beta.

Well when they fix warriors to where they were in 1.12 you should really dominate then. I am all for nochanges and would like them to fix all the bugs. Am I right!

I am not personally debating that but Charge shouldn’t be on the DR stun table that was added in patch 4.06. It was literally eons of time where Charge didn’t DR stuns because it really messes up gameplay.

Obviously there are other issues as well.

I was just mentioning it because it was quoted.

Is it possible, and I’m not saying definitely, just asking… but is it possible that because you spent hours upon hours playing at 60 in vanilla, getting decked out in great gear… that you have forgotten what it was like to be a level 40 something with an incomplete talent tree?

No, I respecced out of full Prot because the talents are literally not working right and went with an Arms build. I am just asking for everything to work as intended and it just feels like early Beta of the game right now.

So I have 3 Alts and testing stuff to see what is least bugged for now and leveling Professions.