I like how fast "#pulltheripcord" died

Yes, I went Kyrian for my Prot Paladin… I love launching 5 A-shields that all bounce 5 times… its beautiful! Divine toll is best ability in game.

I want collectibles and mounts and xmogs.


Just wait until raid launch.

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It’s the finale straw, this game is dead with out it’s raiders.

Not if they keep LFRaid alive. I know hardcore raiding is great and all, but the majority of players never see raids outside of LFR/Normal. And the majority have the money.


Threads with pull the ripcord updated this week - just from looking at the top of the search results.


Oh righto. Clarity or something. Yeah i have that one at about ilvl 150. And i have the extra TV at 30% one at 171 so im using that one. Might need to sim to see.

The fact that OP conflates what ripcord meant with people being annoyed about the cosmetics alone should tell you that he doesnt know what hes talking about.

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I hope so too. I like both fleshcraft and banner thematically; just wish they were more competitive with condemn.

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which didn’t happen

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Its week 1 of the xpac … you wanna bet they don’t open it up before the end of the xpac?

And if you read and comprehend the statement. Its of future tense.

Try again.

and are only choosing the venthyr and the night fae regardless of what powers your class gets. See? Aesthetics are more important than min/maxing.

Lol what. I chose Venthyr because Fury Warrior is garbage without Condemn.
I love Necrolords and their aesthetic is amazing but:
Class being playable > aesthetic

Also I’m pretty sure Necrolord is a far more desired covenant than Night Fae aesthetic wise.

I think the truth is that most people don’t really care that much and the forums thought that the vocal minority represented the collective consciousness of all players. In-game, people seem to just be playing whatever they want, be it the most optimal choice or their favorite faction. Most of the people I’ve talked to haven’t had any concerns about their raid prospects when choosing their covenant. Some people just need to be angry about something, so you see them freaking out when the majority of people simply aren’t that perturbed.


The ripcord people was a small set of players, and Blizzard did right by ignoring them.

Now they try to claim some victory like, well now the skills are so nerfed. If you just pulled the ripcord they would not be this bad. LMAOOOOOO


I’m so hyped to tank, I got my shield yesterday


I chose Venthyr because it is overwhelmingly more powerful than any other covenant for arms warriors for single target damage. I want the Night Fae armor set because it’s the only plate set that doesn’t look like crap.

No, you don’t understand! The only reason Blizzard made balance changes while they were in the middle of testing and fine tuning the game is because we told them too! We’re important and special!

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I mean, in our guild, the spread is pretty even between the four. We have several who went Kyrian and Necrolord. Some went for aesthetic there, but others chose it for the story and others did it because of the abilities granted.

It’s no one thing for any of us in a game this big. Aesthetics are important. Gameplay is important. RP is important. And min/maxing is also important.

It depends on the player. Necrolord is the least attractive of the four, but it’s also the most aggressive, and tons of people will choose it based on that. Kyrian look good and have excellent abilities, and many will choose them.

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That’s because those two covenants were over-nerfed when Blizzard dropped the initial hammer.

Necrolords was the absolute SHOE IN for many classes before they started nerfing them. In typical Blizzard fashion, overnerfed the first set and didn’t bring them back in line. Same with Kyrian.

Most classes are picking the “Decent/Good at both” ones. Kyrian/Necro just happen to not be that for many classes. You’re reading too many lore-nerd threads here on the general forums, and rushed to make this post due to confirmation bias