I challenge the Disc priest devs to a cage fight

I believe a trial by combat(same as Mark vs Zuck) is the last resort to fix this spec, I wrote this in another thread but I consider it deserves its own.

Disc patch 10.2

the nerfs:

  1. mass dispel gutted, the move to a pvp talent is awful as we are already chocked on mandatory ones and on top the cast time is increased.
  2. mindblast from 2 charges with 9 sec cd to 1 charge with 24 seconds cd and it does 35k dmg and heals for 35k atonement before any damp/ms so its useless…
  • Dark Indulgence no longer grants an additional charge of Mind Blast. Instead, Mind Blast has a 100% chance to grant Power of the Dark Side.
    We were already getting this from purge dot and it doesnt stack if we get proc the same time, so kinda useless talent
  1. removal of Solace - we lose dmg and the ability to kill psyfiend/totems/warlock observer
  2. we lose schism however it gets baked into Mindblast but its bad because before if we were kicked on holy we could cast schism + 2x mindblasts
  3. Atonement is now 36% more effective in PvP Combat (was 89%).
  4. Flash Heal is no longer increased by 30% in PvP Combat.
  5. Power Infusion Haste reduced to 20% (was 25%) and duration reduced to 15 seconds (was 20 seconds).
  6. nerf on Fade -Dispel/Massdispel
  7. rotation is forced into penance(too easy to kick or waste trying to fake) and smite

the buffs:

  1. New Talent: Mental Agility – Reduces the mana cost of Purify, Purify Disease, and Mass Dispel by 50% and Dispel Magic by 10%
  2. Shadow Covenant has been redesigned to be a passive talent – Shadowfiend or Mindbender enters you into a shadowy pact
  3. New Talent: Ultimate Penitence – Ascend into the air and unleash a massive barrage of Penance bolts, causing Holy damage to enemies or healing to allies over 6 seconds. While ascended, gain a shield for 50% of your health. In addition, you are unaffected by knockbacks or crowd control effects.
  • this is quite cool however its a cheap version of holy pala tyr’s because besides having a cast time it also has a channel time and it can be kicked… 4 min cd reduced by penance bolts…
  1. Atonement is increased by 50% when not in a raid.

  2. Penance healing increased by 30%, Shield increased by 10%, Flash Heal increased by 40%


  • seems like we will be forced into playing the mindbender build and its kinda tragic since it requires the pet to be in melee range to do dmg, its not as cool as druid trents… and with the amount of mini cc’s, aoe stuns, aoe fears, aoe slows, aoe roots this bender wont ever connect to the target most of the time
  • its way easier to lock down a disc priest with those changes
  • our healing power still stays horrible in PvP
  • Purge of the Wicked dot still costs 4500 mana when holy priest Shadow Pain/Resto shaman flame shock costs 750 mana
  • Disc revolves way too much around Penance now and its not an ability you can fake cast with unless you lose its benefit… just kick penance and bye bye disc
  • set bonus is not good at all, we will never have the GCDs to cast smite for 8k-12k dmg and 12k heal before dampening/ms effects
  • I had high hopes on the disc rework considering how good the ret/holy pala were, reality is this sucks… disappointed

how to fix disc priest for PvP:

  • make penance not kickable or fire school(we already have radiant dmg thats fire&holy on dot&radiance) heal/damage or change Dark Indulgence to make penance always be dark reprimand and we can keep dark reprimand(shadow covenant version of penance) the way it is… with this new rework Penance is just way too important in the rotation and you cant be effective at fake casting this ability so having it holy school makes it too damn easy to lock down a disc priest.

  • make shadowfiend/mindbender a ranged pet same as druid trents, having this as a melee pet its so bad as it always gets aoe rooted/aoe stunned/aoe cc’ed… or gets lost on maps like blade edges arena its just awful… give it some abilities like shadow mend / bake the schism into the pet / give the pet some shadow shield

  • make minblast a powerful single target heal for arena that has a burst heal or make it apply a debuff so that the next 100k+ dmg done by the target is absorbed, right now you heal for 35k via atonement before DAMP or any MS effect… what do I do with this on a 24 seconds CD?!

  • buff Lenience talent for PvP, a 3% dmg reduction on on targets with atonement is just so useless, make it 10-15-20% for PvP as disc priest is all about reducing damage… holy paladin Glimmer talent called Light’s Protection is a good example of how this should work.

  • reduce the mana cost of Purge of the Wicked from 4500 to something similar to Shadow Word Pain from Holy Priest or Flame Shock from Resto Shaman that costs 750 mana… its absolutely mandatory to keep your dot up as a disc(based on class design) and having such a high cost makes no sense. at high ratings disc priests dont even use the dot because its a waste of mana and the atonement heal from it is not strong enough.

  • rework Ultimate Penitence, it makes no sense to have a cast time and on top of that has a channel time, its too easy to kick this ability that has a 4 minutes cd in PvP. Right now this is a cheap version of Tyr’s Deliverance from holy paladin.

  • give back the 2 charges on mindblast, the current talent Dark Indulgence is completely useless as we were already getting procs for Power of the Dark Side by using our dot and those procs do not stack with the 100% proc from mindblast. Having 1 charge of mindblast also removes the usage of Expiation/Twilight talents rendering them useless.

  • buff renew by an additional 25% in pvp

  • buff radiance by 25% in pvp

  • buff disc priest mending by 50% in pvp

  • buff smite in PvP by 500%, right now on PTR with the BIS gear that I have it hits for 8k dmg, yeah 8k and players have around 700k+ hp. So the devs want me to CAST “smite” for 8k dmg and risk getting holy locked? yeah sure

Proving my arguments that the devs have no clue how the spec is being played. have a look at this set bonus or the data linked by our fellow player below:


(2) Set Bonus: Smite and Penance damage increased by 20% and Smite extends the duration of an active Atonement by 2 seconds.

(4) Set Bonus: Smite has a 100% chance to cast an additional time during Shadow Covenant, dealing Shadow damage.

Having a set designed around a filler ability instead of improving the spec’s core abilities is just… sad.

PS. Before writing this post I tested disc priest on PTR, talked with Mehh(top priest from EU) regarding the impact of the changes, possible new builds, tier effectiveness, spec output in PvP…and Absterge also agrees after reading my post that disc priest will still “suck”.

CastSmite streamer(top 10 disc player) also agrees that the current re-design just sucks even more and it’s also less fun… and by the looks of it Blizz wants us to cast smites… but the spell is so weak it doesnt even worth being used…

Smíght(aka Trashdiscx/Jnglpriestx/etc, Rank 1 of R1s on ladder disc) also agrees discipline priest needs buffs as it can be see in the chat down below.


maybe they could just slap some spells on the lightspawn glyph and make it optional. that seems ez.

sweet ideas, i’m down with em

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Shh if you say nothing and let them do whatever they wanna do disc will end up op like every other spec that’s gotten a rework.


I dont want disc to be like the ret pala rework, I want it to be viable and fun… my goal when playing the spec I love is to have a good time. Kinda I am playing to relax you know, not “playing” as a job or to get tilted.

For me it feels like Blizzard “Entertainment” kinda forgot the entertainment part, its on their freaking name but since ret rework patch it feels just like a blizzard :tornado: only


So I will say this, once it was finally toned down current ret is much more fun than how it was before and is overall “balanced”. It seems like they need to make something super op and fun to play then tone it down after. Still waiting on mages though…

Pretty annoying how they’re pruning the fun part of disc (shadow cov, schism, multiple mindblasts, solace).

Also annoyed that radiance procs machine gun penance (since I love throwing games I mean max atonement healing). Not sure if the atonement healing nerf is a sign to not atonement heal or compensation for new talents or buffs, but it’s sus af.

Not a huge fan of the flying up in the air talent either.




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What is super funny for me is just how bad the disc priest rework is and how MW Monk gets Life Cocoon healing increased by 33%., it was already 1 mil absorb haha, maybe the next patch they will give it 3 charges as well cause why not.

On top of that warrior is busted as we all know, rogue gets AOE Kidney hahahaha and assa rogue gets 35% hp touch of death that triggers auto


if those changes go live i quit the game.

even their devs on the presentation video were like some dragon on top of a dragon yeeey :face_with_diagonal_mouth: new dragon yuhu meh when is this over…

i remember the old videos with original devs how they were talking about the game, the emotions they had for it. this company is done, MAYBE Microsoft will change something but I dont know


spriest and disc might be dead, but we always have holy, if thats a thing you are into.

then my subscription should also be 1/3 as I cant play 2 out of the 3 specs I want to play… When we pay a monthly sub for the game + expansions and etc WE should have all specs viable and fun in the game, ALL.

The thing im really pissed about is that ALL those changes were done with 0 research / 0 gameplay knowledge of the spec by the devs. If they really have 0 clue or the devs no longer play the game in that case the company should pay people like Absterge/Mehh to write them changes for the spec and communicate with them in order to fix the game. They should do this for all classes…

How on earth can they be so incompetent at fixing some simple abilities and making the game fun when there are so many R1s, so many fans of the game writing on Reddit entire pages of brilliant ideas


I’m really hoping the enchant is garbage so I can skip season 3.
The way it looks, s3 will be miserable


Fighting myself I always lose :notes:

I’m sorry but this is a really unhealthy idea, kicking Penance is supposed to be how you counter Disc.

all the healers have instant powerful heals right now(for example holy shock does 100k heal + the glimmer effect that does an additional 80) has 2 charges and same cd as power word shield that does 100k absorb.

Penance after the rework is a way to important, here being the issue. And you cant even fake cast it unless you cancel it and in that case you lose the benefits and just trigger the CD and waste your mana

The way you counter is simply by doing CC and doing dmg and kicking flash heal because if you do your game correctly there is no way I can outheal the incoming dmg just by spamming shield, watch Mehh/Absterge play their disc and you will understand.


You have to have a sort of understanding though. They are trying to balance the game around so many different modes of gameplay that it’s a tough job.

The PvP balancing especially because they rework specs like ret to feel and play better than other specs in the game but at the same time they have to try and bring it back down to the specs that haven’t been reworked.

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I do understand but this is 2023, chatGPT at this point can do that balance, they already split pve and pvp modifiers. It’s just the numbers that need fine tuning and the reason they are not achieving it is simply because the devs have a huge lack of personal experience within the game. They need to use the pros from PvE and PvP to help them balance thats it.



(2) Set Bonus: Smite and Penance damage increased by 20% and Smite extends the duration of an active Atonement by 2 seconds.

(4) Set Bonus: Smite has a 100% chance to cast an additional time during Shadow Covenant, dealing Shadow damage.

SMITE HITS FOR 12K DMG it doesnt even worth casting it in PvP…

have a look at all the other healers

Restoration Shaman

(2) Set Bonus: Chain Heal, Healing Surge, and Healing Wave mark their initial target with a Tidal Reservoir, causing them to receive 15% of all Riptide healing you deal for 10 seconds.

(4) Set Bonus: Riptide’s healing is increased by 15%. If Riptide is active on the same target as Tidal Reservoir, its heal over time effect has a 10% chance to create a new Riptide on a nearby ally.

Restoration Druid

(2) Set Bonus: You and your Grove Guardian’s Nourishes now heal 2 additional allies within 40 yds at 40% effectiveness.

(4) Set Bonus: Clearcasting now causes your Regrowth to also cast Nourish onto a nearby injured ally at 200% effectiveness, preferring those with your heal over time effects.


(2) Set Bonus: Empower spells cast Living Flame at enemies or allies struck at 40% effectiveness.

(4) Set Bonus: Living Flame has a chance to apply Echo at 100% effectiveness on allies healed, or a nearby ally who doesn’t already have Echo.

Holy Paladin

(2) Set Bonus: When Glimmer of Light dissipates or is refreshed, it creates a Holy Reverberation on its target to heal an ally or damage an enemy for over 8 seconds. Multiple Holy Reverberations may overlap, up to 3 times.

(4) Set Bonus: The cooldown of Daybreak is reduced by 15 seconds.


(2) Set Bonus: Renewing Mist and its jumps apply Chi Harmony, increasing its targets healing taken from you by 50% for 8 seconds.

(4) Set Bonus: 15% of all healing you do to targets with Chi Harmony is stored and then dispersed evenly among your allies with Renewing Mist when Chi Harmony fades or is refreshed.

Holy Priest
(2) Set Bonus: Holy Word: Serenity applies 14 seconds of Renew to its target. Holy Word: Sanctify applies 5 seconds of Renew to allies it heals.

(4) Set Bonus: Renew’s healing has a chance to cause your next Holy Word: Sanctify or Holy Word: Serenity to not consume a charge when cast and cost 50% less Mana, stacking up to 2 times.

This is really nice in PvE though

Could be good in PvP since smite becomes shadow and if you get locked can still heal idk

broooo broo Smite has a 100% chance to cast an additional time during Shadow Covenant, dealing Shadow damage.

if you get kicked on holy u cant cast anything… it does 12k dmg in pvp, do you understand 12.000 number?

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