Is disc actually worse in 10.2 post rework?

trying to figure out if i should delete my glad priest or not

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It’s hard to speculate, isn’t it?

Apparently the Shadow rework was going to be unplayable.

Supposedly treants weren’t going to offset the 3% nerf.


yea i just assumed people tried it on PTR but not sure

disc main here seemed ok in ptr idk its hard to tell, gonna play it at launch but ready to shelf it again if required

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feel you on this one

I warned u

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Grand Penitence or whatever it’s called it visually and gameplay awesome. I want to play a disc just for that.

They seem to really struggle balancing disc priest, I don’t know how anyone at blizzard thought it was ok for holy priest to easily out damage disc, a spec known for damaging to heal. 3 insta cast holy fires every minute is bonkers lol.


check it out

Because they simply won’t embrace what the spec is suppose to be. The half hearted “oh it does to much damage” is pure nonsense. Disc should flat out be the highest damage healer in the game bar none without exception. That is literally it’s entire design. It isn’t like MW or Holy Paladin that has the choice of being a ranged casted healer, if you are not doing damage as a Disc Priest you are not playing the class correctly.

Yet everytime the damage is where it should be DPS freak out because they actually have to respect the damage and Blizz kneejerk nerfs it and the spec fades back into irrelevancy.


Let me re-align your thinking OP. Disc has no Unique Selling Position it is a terrible spec and the devs should be put on the spot about it at BlizzCon.

Disc has never been good; it is the only healing spec that existed since vanilla that couldn’t win Blizzcon. Disc is usually only playable without being a complete pain in the butt when certain things are met. These are:

  • Big Damage - Doesn’t exist; Blizzard nerfs this every time we get good damage immediately.
  • A strong mana pool & powerful partners/class combinations that can carry you.
  • Fast MD exists and is vital in the meta & Rogue Mage is powerful.
  • Non-Mistweaver Monk Melee cleaves are strong, and your rogue mage can kill them before they can OOM or kill someone.

Why I think it will probably suck next patch:

  1. The Damage doesn’t seem that good to me and the real burst is tied to Shadowfiend on a long CD. If the damage is good, they WILL nerf it.
  2. Warriors our most significant pain in the butt are getting a 2nd charge of intervention.
  3. We thrive in control setups, and every healer is getting a 1 minute 30 PVP trinket so we will have even less time to kill.

I’m highly unimpressed with the priest changes. I might give up. I said I’d push in a season where I felt Priest was fun and decent to play. Trading all my haste for mastery and having no chastise or door of shadows to fear people makes the game terrible and completely teammate-dependent. You don’t have significant damage, no immense healing, and no strong CC that doesn’t require you to run to melee range. Holy is just a superior RN in every way, and I hate Holy so GG.


This isn’t necessary a true statement. Disc has been good in several expacs since TBC. Although I would say the last time I had fun on the spec was in Legion.

Because you can’t have it both ways. You want damage and healing. You can do damage to heal, but if the healing isn’t enough you pump the atonement numbers up. Not the damage. Disc should be equivalent damage to all other heals

Yeah, it baffles me that Holy can do so much damage but not disc, which has been characterized as an offensive healer. I love disc, the overall class idea. Hopefully with them starting to get independent tuning numbers they can fix the spec for the various game modes.

Lets extend this to DPS.

You can do big damage but you can’t have survivability. So no self heals, for DR CDs, not disengages, you get to do damage period, after all you can’t have it both ways.

Yeah this is a nonsense concept by people who don’t have a clue what they are talking about. Want to know what they really should be doing?

Buff all healer damage across the board. Every single healer should be doing some measure of respectable damage with ability to create pressure with it. From there nerf all DPS damage slightly making it so tri-damage is needed to set up kills. Suddenly 3 out of 3 people on a team have agency on ending the game vs 2 out of 3 with the 3rd being there only to make the game take longer. The idea of having 2 ppl doing damage to end the fight while a 3rd keeps them alive is a relic of ranked arena and coordinated play. That doesn’t work for uncoordinated RSS.

The idea that healers should just be there to babysit DPS and make games take longer needs to die in the fire DPS never get out of, so the game can actually progress to a healthier state.

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Agreed. Never understood all the self heals myself.

Well I’ll give you credit for being consistent at least, and for coordinated play it prolly should be toned down back to BC/WoLTK levels, but in RSS the idea that 2/3rds of the group will have high agency and self sufficiency whole the 1/3rd is dependent on them to end a game simply doesn’t work.

It is really hard to get a good feel for how things are going to be with ptr tuning. Disc feels like complete dookie, but there are also a handful of dps specs just deleting everything. For example, if I hop on my assassination rogue and get a 3s skirm pop and its disc, the disc cannot heal through just my bleeds on two targets. It doesn’t look good for disc, but the seasonal meta is also probably gonna be decided via whatever tuning they do in the first month, so who knows how things will actually be.

yeah the hybrid tax is long gone, wish they would bring it back and nerf a lot of utility dps have. its pretty troll, but with aug in the game now, seems like its more so the case going forward

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Completely true. Disc is bad always has been bad just gets carried by RM & Jungle.

I don’t know how other people see disc playing next patch but how I think it will be is either of these two specs/playstyles:

Big Healing

Sit AFK spamming smite and dispel. When you need big healing, do radiance - For the eight-tick penance - and then Mind Blast - gives the power of the dark side - with Castigation this is significant healing but also can do considerable damage.

It is a completely boring mindnumbing playstyle

Big damage

You wait for your assa rogue to have considerable damage up, PI+DA while attacking healer with shadow fiend, play with four sets to do big mind games + Smite nuke every 3 minutes as if you are the 3rd big DPS go on our team (by this I mean ur mage combusts first, your rogue death marks 2nd then u DA + Fiend on the 3rd go for immense damage contribution).

Stun Run and Repeat until the kill is complete gameplay.

If anyone sees the gameplay working out any differently, I would love to hear it because this is how I think it will go in 3v3.

In shuffle it’s most likely healing build at higher MMR and damage and lower.