I challenge the Disc priest devs to a cage fight

Oh ok I had thought smite becomes shadow school during that timeframe.

The preservation set bonus looks amazing. Lol that’s going to be fun

its trash as well with the new changes, the entire disc priest set is so f trash my eyes


LOL the set bonuses for disc are just stupid


All of this.


guess you were lucky :stuck_out_tongue:

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I really don’t understand why they took away 2 charges of mind blasts… it kills expiation, twilight equilibrium and shadow reverie talents… like those are so bad now…need major changes there.

Borrowed time just needs to be a passive without being a talent choice.

Smite needs to do a lot more damage and mind blast either needs 2 charges or a much shorter cool down to make talent choices and the spec feel fluid.

At the moment you’re basically going to be a penance heal bot and shield with stacks of weal and woe. Hopefully they are still tuning the spec and more changes come cause it’s pretty lackluster for a “rework”


Can I apply?


I 100% agree with you :slight_smile:

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That mass dispel change cant go live. Why on earth would they do that after all these years? And how many devs play anything other than paladin?


Because of how keys are currently designed.

They can always adjust the CD to be shorter in pvp later if they think it’s fine.

Please don’t make me respec to Holy for next season’s xmog.


time to gear the holy :smiley: the disc is lost

i agree with OP, disc priest is so bad on PTR


To be fair, rsham didn’t even get to use their tier in s2 lol. But I agree disc is going to be garbage. Kick penance and it’s game over


friend the fact there are any healers there is a miracle for you.

id rather the dps have the shuffle healers lmao

i swear. like do u realize the reality of ur words would require much more thought

Agree with most except the PoM buff, holy should have the good PoM

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easy fix is give disc boon and sl tierset back, fixes literally every problem


They had spec that made dps players play healer and instead of making more of that they just completely gutted it to the point of becoming by far the worst healer in the game. Blizzard devs are absolute champions at shooting themselves on the foot, i’ve never seen someone consistently make such counterproductive decisions. Every change they made to healers and ss to fix queue times just made them longer.