Healers for solo shuffle 10.2

Any thoughts on which healers will have the edge going into the new patch?

I heard disc was getting looked at. I read some notes, but I guess they are just “additions”

I don’t think that Disc will be in as bad as a place as in RSS nor arenas for a few reasons:

A.) There is no dampening, so they should have plenty of healing throughput.

B.) Despite the drawdown on shadow school spells (forcing them to cast Smite, Penance, and Flash Heal holy spells), interrupts will be negligible (for the most part): there are just too many targets in team fights, so enemy players will need to prioritize “do I sit on the Disc the entire game and lose objectives or do I try to win this thing?” Can’t tell you the number of times melee chose to zugzug me as Disc–but lost the match because they tunneled the healer instead of going after objectives.

Moreover, there is more room to out-range many kicks and more objects to LoS behind in BGs versus arenas.

C.) Running between nodes after captures and before the next comes up will give them time to gain mana lost in team fights.

They still need Shining Force back, however.

not disc, it will be worse

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how’s that ?

MW will remain king of BG healing


How did you know I wanted to ask this?

But which race?

Night elf still

human female

Wait we’re talking about rated bg solo q here right? Or were you calling rss a bg?

I was thinking tauren or void elf

Yes. Night elf is still by far the best healer racial. Being able to drop combat to instantly drink is invaluable plus the obvious CC avoidance


made a post here explaining


hpal still god tier the nerfs barely affected pvp

I think Mistweavers and holy paladins. Also resto Druids if they don’t touch treants or their mastery at all

What about shamans?

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Half the people here talking about arena and the other half talking about bgs