Hunter Main Nerf Victim Here - What Class Should My New Main Be?

I’m a 95%+ parsing Hunter. Went from comfortably leading DPS boards early on in BFD (when no one had gear) to getting beat by Warriors and Rogues in pre-BIS greens through absolutely no fault of my own. My character’s gear got stronger and stronger but I kept getting weaker and weaker. Blizzard just decided I was going to be worse, so I am.

For most people, this sort of swing is not a very fun experience. To be continually nerfed while other classes already outperform you is pretty disheartening for any reasonable person. Obtaining BIS gear just to do less damage than you did before just doesn’t make rational sense. I’m glad you like hello kitty island, though.

OP - I rolled a Warrior. Should be a pretty solid pick going into P2.


as a hunter in BiS… i sadly did too which means they will be next to get nerf’d hahah my account is flagged as the grand master of all video games and whatever i play Bliz instantly nerfs it over and over. The only 1 class I never will play is paladin, so you probably are very safe rolling a paladin

Bait post is bait post. Hunter was good then and still good after nerfs.

I demoted my hunter to AH attendant and went with a priest. It’s so much better. I throw sparkly heals everywhere and people love me!

Its more so the fact that warriors/rogues have surpassed hunters from before all the nerfs, and hunters are still getting nerfs. And not small ones either. The last one was a 12% nerf overall when we were already 3rd place dps, and their “compensation buffs” to move power from the pet to the hunter completely failed to do anything. Bm rune is still bis unless the fight is less than a minute long, and even then its very very close.

Tell me, does a 12% nerf to the 3rd best dps make sense when the top 2 dont get touched? And as a pvp nerf they could have easily offset the nerf by buffing leg runes. Sniper training could have been made to effect auto shot. That alone is about a 10% dps buff as long as the buff is active, then reduce the activation time of the buff to 4 seconds and that offsets about 8% of that 12% nerf. Flabking strike could have the buff last longer, or have a higher reset chance. Or if they dont want that they could buff the damage bonus to 30/60/90% for raptor strike while the buff is active.

They had ways to offset the nerf to at least put it under 5%. But they didnt. Even when their own words stated their goal was not to nerf, but to shift power to the hunter instead of the pet.

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Well its still 3rd place. So looks like they succeeded.

4th after the nerf at 99th percentile.

But they nerfed 3rd place while it was 3rd place without touching 1 and 2. And it wasnt a small nerf.

If the top 3, warrior rogue, and hunter, got nerfed it would make sense. But thats not what they did. They gave a heavy nerf to 3rd place dps without touching the top 2.

They even stated their goal was to shift power from the pet into the hunter. And failed to do so so badly that it was a 12% nerf still…

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Still stretching there. You can talk all you want. But the facts are it still HEAVILY ahead of 6 other DPS classes. still 3rd on the 95th Percentile which is a more reasonable one to look at then the 99th, since you start getting into very sweaty strats at that level that classes should not be balanced off of.

Which all comes down too. None of you are victims. Your class is doing great.

As the only pure dps class left, it is within reason to be above middle of the pack.

9 classes makes middle of the pack 4.5 or 4-5.

We already know hunters fall off as levels and gear rise as we are using era as the base of the classes and at lvl 25, when hunters are arguably at their strongest vs all other classes, we are already touching 4th place. That doesnt bode well for the future of the class. And based on how they have handled hunters historically (nerf early in expansion, left to rot until next expansion, then nerfed early again) and how hunter runes have been handled here in sod, there is little trust that blizzard will actually buff hunters when it becomes needed. I have been a hunter main since actual vanilla. Quit retail on early legion because they gutted bm and mm to try and force hunters into the new melee sv. More often than not blizzard has gutted hunters early, and then left the class to rot for the rest of the expansion.

The more resent nerf was for pvp, which they even stated was to move power into the hunter and out of the pet. They failed to do that so badly it resulted in a 12% nerf to pve hunter. Blizzard doesnt play hunter and doesnt know how to balance hunter. Their solution to any issue with the class is nerf it into the ground.

They couldnt get lone wolf into a good spot before launch. Gutted it
They couldnt figure out how to balance explosive shot gutted it with a rework to make it aoe
They couldnt figure out hoe to balance scorpid pet posion, gutted it to complete nonviable
They couldnt figure out how to balance kill command gutted it
Bm rune, gutted it to be almost as weak as chimera shot which means they nerfed the amount it buffed the pet by almost 30% of its damage, resulting in a 12% nerf to hunters best performing option and it is still the best rune option unless mana is a non issue, then chimera pulls ahead by single digit dps (as in 1-3 dps).

For long time hunters this treatment isnt new. And is why this forum character is a hunter with the name it has.


omg be more dramatic. Hunters are fine you little baby.

Just wait for p2. Hunters will be in a worse and worse spot.

Warriors and rogues already do more dps than what hunters did before the nerfs. And they are supposed to be the late game scaling monsters. Early game is where hunters always shined and fell off. A lot of the hunter complaints are for 2 reasons.

  1. The results of the changes do not meet their stated goal of moving power out of the pet and into the hunter, it was just a straitht nerf.
  2. We are looking toward the future of the class because we understand how this song and dance goes, its repeated for almost every expansion of wow up to legion (i stopped following after that).

Depends on what you like doing.

If you are a PVE parsing nerd (lol) then warrior or rogue.

If you are a PVPer and want to win more than you lose against most classes then rogue, warlock, mage, or Spriest.

There isn’t a 1 best class that is best at everything. I know what is what you want.

You only rolled hunter because you thought it was the best PVP and PVE class like every other hunter FOMO player. And now you are regretting it because it’s not top DPS and you probably lost lots of PVP battles.

Yep, a FOMO player. YOu went to the next class everyone is saying is OP LOL. How predictable.

And there isn’t a best race for warrior in SoD because they are giving all classes access to more weapon skill in later phases.

So if you choose a race just for weapon skill you will regret it later.

The only racials that matter are PVP racials.

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No, if i wanted that i would have chosen a class that could tank and heal as well.

But if i chose the only class in the game that is only able to do damage, it better be good at it. And p2 and onward its looking to keep falling.

Lol you thought hunter would ever be top damage?

YOu must be new here.

That’s never going to happen in Classic.

Not top.

But at least above middle of the pack. 1-3 is fine. 4th is pushing it. And below that is not a healthy spot for the only pure dps in the game.

I thought Fire Mage would the top damage in retail. I was so wrong . I wasted so much time playing a Fire mage . Plus raid gear doesn’t seem to help them either .

The answer is easy: Warrior. Blizzard is clearly ignoring their outlier in dps performance. Additionally, level 40 mortal strike + warbringer rune is going to make them god tier in pvp. The %dmg runes is going to make them scale even harder relative to other classes than they did in era.

:thinking: how much do you know about Classic?

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Then why are you abandoning Hunter’s like they aren’t going to get any more buttons?
In a mode where everyone is a getting new things.
BM wasn’t that fun (ever)
C’mon now.

Because it’s a sinking ship lol