Hunter Main Nerf Victim Here - What Class Should My New Main Be?

its funny that SoD is supposed to be different, more powerful/diverse characters via runes, etc. I haven’t really played WoW for many years, I quit around Cata release or so, if i remember correctly… had a few 80’s. Came back for the Hardcore server and started on SoD also when it released, one of my kids still plays classic/wotlk. so i started a hunter there, just to get to 55 quick (without paying for a boost) and make myself a DK because i kinda missed playing mine… It turns out that my lowbie Hunter there is actually better than my Hunter here, haha… virtually 0 dead zone, mongoose anytime etc. and in the end it seems hunters will be doing exactly the same there here they always have… auto shot, multi-shot, aimed shot, sting. pretty much 0 gameplay difference. anyway, just thought i’d post something and ramble a little

Lol anyone who uses this argument is irrelevant. Being a “pure” dps just means you have a higher chance to be on top, because you have more options which equal a better chance to have a good build, not that you will be top. And you are getting just that.
I didn’t even read anything else because I know if you are using that logic what you are writing is irrelevant.

Warriors seems like a safe bet, unless the nerfs are coming hard to them.

Just play anything except Hunters, too many FoTM players plays that class right now, hopefully P2 will clean this up.

Do a rogue! They are next on the nerf list.

I made a rogue as an alt, really enjoying the gameplay. Not as solo friendly as the hunter, but gets by as long as you don’t do anything crazy. I pretty much have 2 mains at this point.

If you’re rolling a new toon because hunters got nerfed, the next class for you should be NPC.

Didn’t you just brag about your Classic game knowledge? This is like the most obvious question for anyone that knows how the mechanics of the hit table work in Classic

Boomkin dmg/utilty over tuned super op for pvp

rogue great for pve/pvp

There’s multiple options depending on if you are focused on PvE or PvP.

Imagine not knowing that. :rofl:

The same races are the best for PvP regardless of class. That should be really basic information that anyone who’s leveled to 60 in Classic would know. The hit table stuff for PvE content should be known by anyone that claims to be knowledgeable about classic

Lmfao. You’re just vomiting back up an icy veins or reddit post that tells you what to think and maybe shows the DPS numbers.

Stoneform, Shadowmeld, Escape Artist, and Warstomp are all insanely good PvP racials that can definitely be considered against the flat sword/mace proficiency for PvP.

You know Will to Survive for humans doesn’t come till WotLK right? That’s the only time they have ever been the 100% all around best pick.

Yes, those are the two races that Ally should pick for PvP. Congratulations, you figured it out.

No, really? You’re a moron. Try reading what I said: there are different races that are the PvP picks, and different races that are the PvE picks. If you actually had any classic knowledge like you bragged about, you’d know this.

Yeah my bad. When I asked which RACE is best for Warrior all you did was say there are RACES that are best for it.

Like, no shït. LOL. I literally read your message an entirely different way because the intended way was such a nothing burger of a reply.

I just assumed you meant human is the definitive best race cuz you were dumb. You just ended up being dumb in a different way.

I’m saying you were bragging about your classic game knowledge, then asked one of the most basic questions there is. No one with actual game knowledge would have to ask that question lmao

You should play FF14 or a pserver instead. They are much better at their jobs than Classic devs.

There isn’t a definitive answer on which race is the best warrior lmfao. Everyone has a different opinion, even one that you might think is wrong.

You probably struggle with social situations pretty frequently, so let me explain.

This was what is known as “small talk.” That’s an activity where people talk to each other about things that really don’t have any weight to them. What you’re supposed to do is contribute by saying something on topic that keeps things fluffy.

Instead you chose to mald.

You probably: “How DARE he claim to know SO MUCH about WoW when he asked such a BASIC question. He definitely doesn’t know as much as me! Hnnnnnnnnghhhhhhaaahhhhhhh. WHAT A LYING LOSER.”

Either one of those. If you want a new toon… then probably something that can get groups easily or can punch above it’s weight class. Outdoor quest/farming is going to be bad for a while… just like the zergs of people getting to 25 at launch.