Hunter Main Nerf Victim Here - What Class Should My New Main Be?

Pet leash is not their attack range. Once the pet is in range to lb, it is in range for you to retaliate against it with damage or cc.

Hunters are not specing into increased range. And even if we were we still cannot retaliate vs the 42y range starsurge. With no healer ability the druid will win still. Concusive shot to try to keep range? They power shift the slow off and keep range. Auto attack has about a .5 seconds delay and doesnt do nearly the same damage output when the druid is back out of range by the time that auto is going off. Multi shot same issue and same damage output. No way aimed shot is getting off. And then if we have chinera shot that does damage equal to an AA still.

And hunter is one of the best classes to face this and still has a huge uphil battle to try and close the gap enough to get some damage off, while the druid is healing from rejuv to the point the danage we are doing is still not effective even if the druid wasnt attacking back.


Shifting to remove CC gets even better next phase too because traveler form is extremely low mana cost.

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Main SoD dev plays a Ret Paladin I saw in another thread, that would be the safest bet.

lmao are you actually going to try to tell me youre getting spaced by 1 yard?

if theyre actually trying to outrange you can simply disengage with cheetah since guess what? none of their other spells are 42y.

Its the difference of that 1 yard that makes aimed shot not useable even when in range. Add in druids ability to heal and remove slows and hunters have no way to close the gap enough to de reliable damage that can out damage JUST Rejuvenation.

And this is a MM build, so the pet will be much weaker and is a non threat in this match up.

Ya like your OP

you solo’d the entire wc at 19? sounds like an actual straight up lie.

Warriors are on track for an exponential dps growth curve comparative to other classes, and blizzard has shown zero intention to reign it in beyond maybe fixing a bugged deep wounds.

They posted this meme and have already proven they have no intention of allowing the second portion to be true. We had for a brief moment a single class that could challenge warrior supremacy for a single phase, and that was promptly gutted into mid tier. There has been zero indication that they are going to reign warriors in at any point.

An average warrior is going to be worth 3-4 of any other class; there is no way to sugar coat it:

Recommending any other class is pure copium and/or trolling.

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And yet I find it hilarious seeing warriors complaining about another class being broken.

They just want to be the only one that is broken. Wish they would at least have the cahones to own it.

I vote warrior. You already know all the reasons.

He doesn’t play the game. None of them do.

They might bring my hunter. After all i’ll give kings and trueshot aura. Buffing 15-25 warriors with that is worth my spot in raid right? :laughing:

Ah and trank shot is good raid utility. Though knowing warriors as long as it can be healed through they wont want it tranked. Warrior tank getting trucked means more rage for him which means more aggro which means more pumping for all the other warriors. Lol

“Hunter doesn’t play itself anymore, can anyone tell me a class that still plays itself?”


I’m going to level my new paladin first then bring up the hunter.
My prediction is pally will be a stronger healer so viable in all 3 specs while I suspect hunter will fall to middle of the pack for dps since there seems to be real distain for the class. I think hunter will then fall to bottom 3rd at 60. Pally will be really strong.

Well, you have mine.

id recommend making one of each and see which one fits your play style.

Maybe you like sitting on your butt drinking mana to get enough to cast fortify on your group 4 times before they pull or maybe you enjoy handing out cookies 1 at a time.

or maybe you just like fishing, in which case - murloc naturalist is your best class combo

If you want a safe and extremely powerful choice go warrior. You might not be the best at 1v1 combat but you will be a demigod in group PvP with some support and in PvE. Honestly, even some of the solo PvP issues are not so bad thanks to Warbringer and they will likely get bladestorm making roots and slows useless vs them. Warrior is just looking amazing rn and in the future.

We have no clue how the weaker classes that are getting bumped up thanks to runes will turn out but no class should be bad once we get to 40, just not OP like others.

Pally while fun is mid with damage and will likely always be slow without covering its main weaknesses like the other classes are getting with runes.

Druid could be great, feral will still be very important in all of the alliance raids for melee teams and hopefully the other specs get more for PvE next phase.

Outside of when AV needed to be fixed it’s really just the shaman mains crying that we do more dps. Let’s wait and see if we get wings, that’s when the real tears will flow for some of them.

I gotcha homie

I am not going anywhere. i am still a hunter for over 18 years . Not planning on leaving this nerfed class .

Just stick with hunter. BM will fall off real soon anyway, and it’s back to normal. Warlock is fun though, it’s either tanky, dots, or giant number burst.