[H][Thrall]Casual Progression raiding guild <Bruhalla>

Bruhalla “Bruh” is part of a central gaming community that spans multiple mmos (primarily WoW-horde and GW2) . Bruhalla was formed on Thrall for the purpose of AOTC raiding, mythic + and Torghast teams.

Raids will be Tue & Thur 9:30pm – 12:30am EST (9:15 invites will go out, first pull is 9:30)


  1. If you are on the core team, it is expected that you are consistent to showing up to raids. However, if you miss a raid, we do not need a doctors note, you do not owe anyone an explanation. It would be great if you would let the raid leader or officer know in advance if possible so we can form a plan.
  2. Invites will go out promptly at 9:15pm. Ideally we are at the instance ready to go, but understandable if you are in-transit. But, if you are in a dungeon, or otherwise not available, we will start to try and fill your spot.
  3. “The raid leader is the raid leader is the raid leader” Listen to the raid leader. We are a casual raiding guild and we do not have a lot of time to debate strategy during a raid. If you are interested in tactics, share your ideas before or after the raid.
  4. We do not like to spend a lot of time educating people on behavior or etiquette. No elitism or toxic behavior will be tolerated. We will respect everyone and everyone should show each other respect and common courtesy.
  5. Discord voice channel is required for raids.
  6. This is a game and killing bosses is soooo much fun. Always remember that. Ultimately this is a game.

Current raiding needs: we have a lot of interest for SL; however, we can add more DPS to the roster. If you have an offspec tank or heals that is a plus.

Other things: Mythic +, Torghast, misc. guild achievements, transmog runs, TW, PVP, farm/alt raids, LFR, dungeons & heroics.

While we wait for SL “other things” have been once or twice a week on the calendar. Moving forward this will likely stay the same as we now have a dedicated leader for progression raids and a leader for organizing other things.

All are welcome to join!

Bruhalla does have a community you may search for in-game. Feel free to join if you want to be a first outside the guild back-up for raids.


Bnet (me): Killifish#1994
Bnet (GM): Pixelbeard#11685
Bnet (officer): Posh#1757

Discord officer: Killifish#1451
Discord GM: Thordin#7442
Discord officer: Turg#1764
Discord Officer: Jojo#5679

Ask an officer for Discord link

lok’tar ogar!!!

If anyone is looking for a laid back guild that plans on doing all sorts of things in Shadowlands, please dont hesitate to message us for information :slight_smile:

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DPS spots available for progression raid team

If you are more interested in other things you are also always welcome