How's Horde population on Moon Guard in 2023?

Hey! I was wondering if Cross Faction guild stuff have made a lot more people roll Horde on MG, does anyone know if Horde side of MG is active? Was thinking about rolling it but I don’t want to have characters on different realms.

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We are very much here. Very active. A lot of us just tend to RP outside of Orgrimmar.


MG Horde is active, and tends to be guild based in terms of activity. A common issue is that many players roll on MG Horde expecting MG Alliance levels of activity in Stormwind to be found in Org, however a lot of MG Horde rp guilds do not base themselves in Org. Org just isnt a great hub for all the different races of the Horde, nor is it anywhere near as immersive as Stormwind.

You can find various MG Horde rp guilds advertising on the server forums.

I also recommend the Horde Vanguard for Horde faction rp, which has some upcoming rp campaigns about to be announced.


Came here to ask this since I maaaay change my velf priest to a nightborne when new customizations drop. Not sure yet. But I wanted to see how the Horde is doing these days. I also really want to re-roll my old Cata goblin hunter and go derp derp on him :slight_smile:

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We should fix that. I vote Silvermoon - self cleaning streets, minimum disruption, hasn’t been sieged (twice), easy portal room access. Just gotta fix that damn sharding and War Mode issue…

On a mildly more serious note - Org does need a real revamp again to be more open and city like. Not just a glorified fortress.


It doesn’t have to be a major city, but if there was just a casual hub for people to hang out in I think it could be very empowering for the community. Especially with cross faction guild’s likely convincing people to roll alts.

Crossroads? Uhh… That base south of Orgrimmar? Even just Valdrakken or something?

Idk. I’m not a community leader. But Darkshire has had a lot of successful activity I’ve noticed. Could be a nice way to help immerse more people into horde rp to agree on some sort of hub to idle in and occasionally rp.


There are some open casual social rp events for any Horde players to join and rp at - some are weekly and monthly. Every week UCN hosts an undead Tavern night, which has more than ample Horde and Alliance stumble into it. We host it in Ambermill. The focus is undead, but over time its proven popular among all players.

We also host a once a month open casual social for fishing, which moves around the world. There is also the Lordearon Night Market - which is another open casual social rp event anyone can walk up to. Some helpful links to those events.

[H/N RP] UNDEAD Tavern Night - Every Thursday (highly recommend undead characters)

{H/N-RP} Fish Tales - March 25th, 2023 (next date coming soon)


I highly recommend this horde server! A server event that lasts for two days, starts tomorrow on the 1st I believe. I can’t remember, but a very friendly bunch that people seem to forget including.


Why would it take a “community leader” to create something new for people to participate in? No single person is running an entire servers’ worth of RP. Make it, advertise it, and people will come. No popularity contest required.


Going to second this sentiment. Anyone can host rp events, there is no special permission or requirements to do so. It’s vital for the community space for new players to come on board and host events.

So if there is a desire to host? Great, please host it and don’t forget to promote it :). If you need help or suggestions, feel free to contact me.


Blood elf RPer here! I do RP outside of Orgrimmar almost 100% of the time :stuck_out_tongue:

With the new items coming in to play in the trading post, one of which being a cool elf book, and general interest in belves upticking I’m seeing more people asking about belves! It’s always encouraging to see :slight_smile:

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I am not a community leader. I am someone with an idea, not the time or energy to exercise it. I have the ability to have an opinion and that is it. There are people that can host things and people that cannot for whatever reason or another. The latter can still offer ideas harmlessly. I’m not saying this should happen, I’m proposing an idea so that those with more familiarity with the community, time to put into it, and general ability to communicate with guild leaders and other contacts can possibly take it into consideration.

This isn’t an ego thing. It’s a simple conversation. I don’t want to be in charge of squat. But I have ideas. People that do want to be in charge of squat can choose what to do with that.

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Ahh, I see what you’re saying. Unfortunate, though. There are a lot of people with ideas here that don’t have the time to make them… and that’s why there’s so little variety on both sides of the fence. The only real way to get what you want is to make it yourself in this game- very few people are going to offer themselves up to do it for you.

Best way to get active in the community is to just jump right in, but with a lack of walk-up RP and not knowing where to begin, it can be difficult. MG Horde is a small but mighty crew, though. Even if you do not main Horde, it is worth creating an alt and seeing what we’ve got going on this side of the pond.

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There’s very little walkup in Org and we don’t have that sort of casual RP population like we used to back in BFA, but there are some events going around that people can attend to hang out. Last night was Corta’s Month’s End Brawl and today I believe Coalition is starting a mini-campaign.

Other than that, joining the right discords and being on the lookout is the best bet. I know in the discord I help run, we have folks who try to set up bartending in the Valley just to help drum up RP (can’t post a link cause I’m not a high enough level yet orz).


when the faction guilds come we might hate a good up tick. i hope so i enjoy the rp scene but i don’t care to be alli to see but i like seeing open rp. it so here’s hoping more ppl come here to horde and more.w/u open rps to make the cities feel alive too

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