{H/N-RP} Fish Tales - March 25th, 2023

Moon Guard RP - Fish Tales

Grab your fishing pole, and your favorite bait and head out for a casual evening of fishing up supplies and stock for the adventuring efforts in Dragon Isles.

Fishing is not required to attend this rp event.

:fish: OOC: Casual social RP event dedicated to fishing. Ideal for leveling fishing and cooking professions, as well as getting consumables for pve content. Fishing is also a way to unlock some interesting factions and recipes in the Dragon Isles. This is a laid-back social rp event, without any major plot, or focus.
:fish: Date: March 25th, 2023 (Saturday)
:fish: Time: 8pm central / 9pm eastern
:fish: Contact: Banshih (H), Emerris (A)
:fish: Location: Dragon Isles, Thaldraszus, outside Tyrhold. The fishing destination changes each month. Summons can be provided for low-level characters.
:fish: Who: Hosted by the Horde Vanguard, open to the whole of the Horde faction and neutral groups friendly to the Horde.
:fish: Horde Vanguard Server (Horde Faction RP Community): https://discord.gg/fUjuna5QZt

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Coming up…

Coming up this weekend! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the new location! We change locations each month, and are doing a tour over time of unique and beautiful fishing locations in the game.

Coming up!