How Warlock Demons Should Work

I like this, it brings back some of that old school warlock vibe that is missing from current WoW. A handful of glyphs and minor cosmetic changes has never been enough.


Sounds like an interesting way to implement this.

It also makes “taming” demon pets feel unique and different from hunter taming that would help with flavor and making demon pets feel special for the warlock.

I would add that you could even add “rare” demon pets by making their summoning ingredients only drop from specific rare/bosses. Or you could just make the summoned demon stronger and harder to beat into submission instead.

I support this. More demons please!


i agree, demonology should use more type of demons.

I like it. My only concern is your first set of demons, the basic imp/voidwalker/etc…

Those should still come free, like pre-contracted or something. It’d be a pain to have such a critical class feature take so long to get at first.

Otherwise I’m all for it for more demons. Maybe give them different ability name and animations too. Like the effect is the same, just looks different.

IMO I miss the original quests for them, but they’re prolly not coming back. But as I stated in my iteration of this idea, I think the only demons you would be unable to ever release would be your original demons.

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What I would do is I would make them come free with their slot, and also give the player the “recipe” to acquire them free, making it require simple stuff like purple dye from the tailoring vendor (to draw the summoning circle).

So even if you get rid of your OG Demon by mistake you can get a new one easily.

Could return with the old quests to learn summoning them, i think in the new leveling island warlocks have a quest to learn the voidwalker

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We apparently use a grimoire to finish a summoning ritual for a Voidwalker from the Void.