More Warlock Minion Glyphs Plz 😄

Make sure to include that the Void Succubus is top priority. That’s why she is in the middle like a red power ranger.

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Legion gave a lot of opportunity for cosmetic options with Warlock demons, but they haven’t capitalized on it quite yet. Maybe next expac.


The best day to make new Warlock Minion Glyphs was in Legion. The second best day is today :smiley:


I’m still hoping that brewmaster monks are given a glyph to change their ix summon and statue to something else, maybe a crane? But yeah warlocks could use some new pet forms. Maybe the next expac should just add new pets. Or perhaps a pet talent tree, that could customize your pet.

I was really thinking about this later… what if, instead of dozens of glyphs for new skins, we could get some sort of enslavement mechanic?

For example, you could purchase an empty [demonic soulstone] with your class vendor, and you use it on a weakened demon out in the field, to trap its soul inside of the item.

Keep the item in your bags, and you’ll summon that demon instead of the regular one… If you had multiple stones for the same type of demon (let’s say, a collection of random voidwalkers) you’d summon randomly one of them.

This way we could pinpoint exactly our favorite demon skins out there, would give incentive to warlocks to pursue unique colors of demons in old content, and would let warlock glyphs be dedicated to alter the other spells instead.

but hey, one can dream, right?


Years ago I suggested that we should get a “Demon Summoning” Class Profession like the Death Knight Runeforging, and we could gather items from the world, professions, raids old and new, etc. to summon Demons on a summoning circle and defeat them in 1v1 combat. If you beat them they become your minions, just like the old Summoning quests from Vanilla.

The old 5 Demons would become “Demon Classes” like “Flameflinger” (Imp), “Temptress” (Succubus), etc.

For instance, if I want an Eredar Lady to replace my Succubus, I could get drops from Argus chests, Antorus, ToS, Sunwell Plateu, etc to Summon an Eredar Lady and fight her one on one. She is strong because Eredar, like a Brawler’s Guild boss. Afterwards I see that an Eredar Lady can go into the Flameflinger or Temptress slots, but not the others. So I place her in the Temptress slot. And now I have an Eredar for a Succubus.

But I don’t think Blizzard is willing to put all that work on Warlocks. They’d rather Cannibalize our Class to give new abilities to other Classes.


Your idea is even cooler! But it’s too nuanced for modern day blizz :t

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Ya if you want a variety of pets, play hunter. Letting warlocks tame demons the same way is too much fun.

I’d love some more demon options! Tired of my Felguard’s face.

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fun police > ban police

This would require Blizz to remember that glyphs even exist.

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Yeah… To be honest, glyphs of late have been kind of uninspiring…

Death knights, the last good thing we got was the skeleton pet… We have like 2 recolors of the absorb bubble… wraith walk but without the animation… recolors of wraith walk… glyph to change path of frost but its actually worse… kind of underwhelming at best.

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I am pretty sure DKs lost that one when Wraith Walk became a Talent because Talents can’t be glyphed.

I think Rogues only have like 4 Glyphs.

EDIT: Yup. 4 Rogue Glyphs total. And only one of them is cool.

Couldn’t be a crane. Chi-ji, the Red Crane, is the summon for Mistweavers, and his power is more related to healing than tanking. Niuzao stands for fortitude.

See, the DK glyphs are so underwhelming that I even bothered to realize the Wraith Walk ones were gone lol.

And yeah, the only rogue glyph that is remotely interesting is the disguise one. Sadly it breaks on combat, but there was a talent that allowed you to use stealth abilities 3seconds in combat, and if you pickpocketed while IN combat most of the times you kept the disguise…

no idea if it still works, because I’ve benched my rogue.

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Grats on Trust 3!!! I don’t think I’ll ever get it, I’m too inconsistent, especially with weekends.

Is an interesting idea though, I don’t think there is any harm in more customisation of pets. It’s not like Hunters don’t have 15 different options for the one pet family anyway, so what’s the difference?

Mini imp-mother does make me feel uneasy though. Perhaps just the others?

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Yeah, but Blizzard’s stance on the subject has historically been “if you want Pet customization, the Hunter Class is waiting for you.”

Which realistically is a poor statement. Both of those classes specialise in pets. Why should one be treated differently to the other?
Kind of blows that one gets the option but not the other.

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I like what you are saying and I think we need more glyphs across the board for all classes.


In general they’re kind of sitting on a goldmine of cosmetics that people will empty their coinpurses for. You think Transmog is a good gold sink? You ain’t seen nothing yet!