How long before we write the Community Council as a PR stunt?

Has there been a post on player housing? If so, can you link it as I want to read!

Yeah, sadly there are a lot of morons out there who seem to think that Blizzard must reply to the majority of the threads or something.

That was literally never part of the council proposal, they said they’d be communicating, and they have been. I’ve seen some replies from developers which go into depth about the process like this one:

And yes, is about TBC Classic, but the information in it also covers retail to an extent where they discuss server issues like the faction balance etc, since that’s a problem for both versions of World of Warcraft, not just classic.

Seen more communication from the developers on the CC forums in the past month than I’ve seen on the regular forums in years.

Sadly no matter how much more communication Blizzard gives, the morons will keep shifting the bar ever so slightly out of reach, then whinge when Blizzard can’t meet said bar as if it’s their fault.

Huh? How so? It’s another forum where players suggest things to fix the game and they simply ignore it. It’s no different than the GD at this point. How exactly does that make you happy?


I think you’re all distracted by the real issue which is the fact this company should be begging our forgiveness due to the many IRL indiscretions that have occurred, not to mention the years of being systematically ignored in a game we pay for, instead of settling for the absolute smallest amount of effort they could possible give in trying to fix their relationship with us.

The fact I see some of you actually defending this company is… extremely worrisome.


I’ll be ending this discussion with the following:

  1. The CC hasn’t finished inviting eveyone yet.
  2. There has been some blue interaction but no one near the level most of us were hoping.
  3. The excuse of holidays is valid. For now. But that will expire soon. Blues have been warned.
  4. There’s still a whole pile of topics that have yet to be addressed by the CC that are equally important as e.g. mythic raiding.
  5. Mirasol is an AI I constructed.

Yeah. I wouldn’t want to be the blue responder going to work every day thinking “ugh I have to write something up to pretend we care on the community council forum”.

Where anyone who doesn’t suckle at the teat of current game design is a moron?

Yer just a troll.

There has been little blizz communication. Lying about it doesn’t make it so.

Go back to being ignored.


Where did I say that you ‘had to suckle at the teat of current game design’?

Projecting much?

You can be critical of game design easy, hell I’m critical of it myself from time to time.

But hey, now I’ve got someone else to block, thanks for the heads up.

I would love to agree to but then I see how FF14 fixes their problems within 1-2 months or at least address them.

There are no excuses anymore.


I thank the members that are genuine. Add some forum regulars to the mix and at least every base will be covered.

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It’s had members for about a month, 2 weeks of that has been the holidays, and some of the points mentioned by community council members are already being improved upon (recent raid test announcement as an example). I put the impact of the community council as still too early to call.

I mean I wrote it off as a PR stunt as soon as it was announced. The video for it felt extremely forced and not genuine at all.

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Not only that, but a shield from backlash. You know they’re 100% hoping that we unleash all of our anger on the CC when they continue to keep ignoring feedback. They’re expecting us to blame the CC members when it continues to happen, because it has the built in excuse of “CC members are just pushing their own personal issues and wants and aren’t listening to the rest of the community”.

Seeing how the few members that’ve posted in GD have been, I truly pity them for what’s to come, because they seem like they genuinely want to help and improve the game.

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Why is the chimpanzee on vacation?

And the sad part is, if this is true (my tinfoil hat tells me it is) then it is kind of working, people are overly critical of members of the CC as if they are employees. “They don’t speak on MY behalf, they don’t talk about the issues that concern me, they only accepted shills, there are too many streamers/not enough streamers” etc etc

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It wouldn’t be the first time they’ve thrown community members under the bus. They’ve done this to a few of their streamers/content creators now. Like, I genuinely used to think Asmongold was a terrible person trying to destroy the game through his influence and that Bellular was just hopping on the hate-train to drive up viewership, but after watching a few of their videos on youtube I realized that neither is the case.

Both seem pretty passionate in their love for the game and just frustrated at how it’s being handled and then being treated the way they have because they weren’t heaping praise on Blizzard. I don’t agree with everything either of them say, but the picture that’s painted here of them is totally off base.


You’re in denial dude. MMO sub numbers are way down when compared to the glory days. It doesn’t mean that you and I can’t still enjoy them. Don’t concern yourself so much with what other people think.

Why do you feel such a need to spout nonsense? It’s a you problem.

MMO’s like FF14 - you know, ones with content - are doing just fine. It’s ok, just because wow is down doesn’t mean you are less of a person, and failed at your PR schtick.


In fact, since you have nothing meaningful to add…

Off to the shadow realm with you.