How long before we write the Community Council as a PR stunt?

The overall population of MMO’s is down from their peak…and pretty substantially. That can’t be disputed. I’m sure that some people still enjoy kicking around the hacky sack, but the craze is over. You’re getting really defensive about this. You’ll be able to play WoW for years, I promise.

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The Beta/Alpha forums used to be a viable way to give feedback and Blizz used to look at it and respond. I remember there being many conversations with Ghostcrawler on those forums back in the day. This isn’t true now. The current Blizz guys aren’t interested in really engaging with the community. It’s why I stopped posting in the Alpha/Beta forums. There’s just no point to it at all.



I am THE Senate!

I completely agree. The last time I felt they were even reading the feedback was Legion.


Remember this?

Development Update: A Message to the WoW Community

August 27, 2021 by [Blizzard Entertainment]

We hope you’ll see something from your own 9.1.5 wish list when we post the patch notes next week, and we’ll keep listening, refining, and building on that as we continue PTR testing and development of what’s next.

Creating World of Warcraft is truly a collaborative effort between the people on our team, across Blizzard, and all of you—and as we build, iterate on, and talk about what’s next, we hope we can demonstrate our commitment to making Azeroth the best place it can be for everyone.

— World of Warcraft Development Team

I’m not sure the CC has come anywhere close to matching up with this promise.

It’s only been over 4 months…


That is crazy funny, thanks for posting it.

No problem. I just thought it was an interesting look back, and relevant to the current discussion.

Just to be fair, I looked at the CC activity for the last few days.

Raid announcements and Burning Crusade.

That’s it. Nothing else.

The last post about PVP gearing in SL? 27 days ago.


Really wish some of the CC members would jump on these 9.2 notes about the rep grinds and it being exactly like 9.1 layout that everyone hated so much.

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What do you want them to do after they’ve said what they have to say? If I make a post and say “Hey, I need new laces for my boots”, if that’s all there is for me to say what more do you want from me? There’s no point for me to come back and say “Still need new laces”.

Maybe you should make a “I see there’s a thread on the community forums about pvp, it says X and I want to add Y to that”

It’s important to note that the CC only represents themselves. They can only give their OWN feedback.

I’m confused… there are still people unaware the CC is a failed PR stunt?

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Sorry to post so late, but you would be correct. He’s purposely obtuse for some reason. Browse the arena forums and see how much this dude gets written off. He’s trolling and that’s it.