How long before we write the Community Council as a PR stunt?

This was discussed the moment it was announced months back due to timing of it; if people don’t remember it came out smack bang as we were waking up every morning with more news coming out of the lawsuit - The announcement seemed rushed and quite strange.

It’s been a few months now and there has been extremely minimal feedback coming from the blues, and the ones that are answering seem to be for classic related issues which in my opinion shouldn’t even be on the council. Classic should have their own Community Council as they deal with separate issues.

There has been a post on basically every facet of the game so far, there is quite literally not going to be any more topics to discuss soon with the wide range of questions asked. I mean they could at least put a sliver of effort in to hide the fact this is a giant PR stunt right?

The common defence that gets spouted on these forums for the last 4-5 years was “oh the blues don’t come on here because they just get abused and leave” - Well now they have no excuse as they hand picked these people.

Just kinda sucks, this could’ve been something great.

The last 4 Posts that have received a blue reply are below, from most recent.

2 Separate posts from two separate WoW Classic devs (5 Days ago and 1 Day ago) +1 Post since this thread was made

1 Post from WoW Classic Game Producer (6 Days ago)

1 Post from WoW Developer (27 Days ago) <Most recent post from non WoW Classic Blue poster.

4 Posts from two separate WoW Classic Devs (9 Days ago, 12 Days ago, 12 Days ago and 21 Days ago)

Like whats going on guys…


I wrote it off as soon as I saw people on there that almost never actually talk about the game. You can’t improve a game when you select people who aren’t interested in discussing it and blizzard is smart enough to know that as well.


Maybe the guy who came up with the idea left Blizzard :rofl:


Most people wrote it off as a PR stunt the minute it was announced.


So your theory is that Blizzard chose people who would write topics that wouldn’t actually improve the game in order to keep the game from improving?

It’s basically like the alpha & beta forums, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

Most people who get accepted post minimally, if at all. And there’s minimal blue response.


I think you need to read what I said again.

Honestly, i didn’t have a lot of faith in the idea from the beginning, if they don’t want to listen or engage with us here, why would i care if they cherry-pick a handful of people that they like the look/sound of and listen to them somewhere else?


I’ve been very happy with how the community council has panned out personally. I see it as an overwhelming positive for the game.

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Yeah, this is why i brought up the fact that people used to say “oh it’s because they get abused”. Honestly maybe releasing the CC was the worst move for them because it just solidified that it wasn’t the people here turning them away they just really have no interest in explaining what they do or why they do it.

I don’t know if that’s fair. Even if that paladin got a lot of flack for stuff that happened after the fact Prosident made a tonne of really good threads that even if nobody else responded could have easily had a blue post reply and explain design decisions. Technically all you need is 1 person to post what people are frustrated about.

Then maybe don’t make a big youtube video and announcement about how they are super pumped to hear out feedback and they are going to select the perfect candidates for the job lol.

Care to elaborate ? Or is it because you’re a classic character and classic threads seem to apparently get responses.

What specifically?

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I am waiting to see if anything comes of it, but I’ve been skeptical since I first heard of it. Not to say anything about the players who are part of the CC themselves, I’m less inclined to believe that Blizzard will do their part.

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Speaking of the Community Council, there was a discussion thread that popped up on the reddit front page earlier today:

1800+ ‘likes’, 437 comments as of this post :laughing:

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Of the last 8 posts from Blue posters on the CC, 7 have been for Classic related threads, only one appearing in the thread about Raid Testing. What a softball.

Good, others starting to see what a sham this is too.


Yes please.


I’ve seen some great threads in there with detailed feedback. That’s not something you see very often on General discussion, twitter, reddit, youtube, etc.

And when you do see it, it’s usually drowned out in a pool of unconstructive vitriol and pessimism.


It’s no surprise then that moderation on this forum is extremely scarce. “We couldn’t see it in the flood of hate” can be the new excuse.

Aye, the reddit front-page is about as “mainstream” as it gets. It’s basically where all the normies go, right up there with Facebook and Twitter tbh

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We had something similar in the past and all it did was shift the blame off Blizzard and turn the playerbase against each other. It was designed to work this way. Veteran players aren’t stupid enough to fall for this again and newer players got to experience the disrespect firsthand with the beta forums.


CC is GD , but you can troll with respect there :rofl:

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