How do we message community council members

Do I think that being an MVP for years is part of my selection? Yes. I won’t lie about that. I have been an MVP since 2013 which gave them a LOT of post history across different Blizzard games to go on. Makes it easy to know that while I can get snarky or sarcastic on occasion, I am generally pretty level headed and helpful. I am also consistently active answering questions. I have zero other social media, streams, discords, etc. So they don’t have much to dig through. I AM sort of one of the average forum folks. Just a bit moldy and mossy.

Do I think I make it easier on them sometimes? Yeah… I am here answering questions about the Council instead of them. I am happy to explain forum software to people. Explain policies, how to use various web ticket, knowledge base, or in game systems. Etc. I enjoy making little charts like how the changes to game time purchases work.

SHOULD I do those things… Great question. Someone has to help the players though and it makes me feel like I did some actual problem solving for the day when I can do that. Esp for tech issues. Those are still my favorite puzzles to solve but I am not the best at it anymore. I tend to do CS/game questions more often.

If people were respectful and used it only when they had something constructive like this thread? Sure. What is the risk for abuse though if people start flooding the forums with quotes/links? The CC is going to just mute and ignore.

Maybe I just assume the worst and people would be respectful. My personal experience is that people don’t seem to try to bother me outside the forums so maybe they would also be reasonable with pings for Council members?

This thread now exists so the info is out there regardless.


They get a forum notification like we get for replies and likes.

My point is no one should be able to DM anyone here.

Agreed. Nobody should which is why they did not turn on that function. I can’t imagine it going well. The forum notification is personal, but not invasive.

I’m pretty sure if people on GD don’t see, not only, immediate results from suggestions/ideas posted from the CC forum, but also ideas/suggestions they like. The same few people on GD will continue to complain that the council is a waste.

There are a few people in GD who still have a hard time understanding that listening and agreeing aren’t the same thing. Blizzard doesn’t have to agree to the things posted here or on the CC forum.

Exactly! That’s what I’ve been saying. lol

thank goodness you cant.

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I appreciate you listing an option to fight the boss on Timeless Isle for those of us without the cloak but what I would really like is the opportunity to do the questline and get the cloak. The cloak’s ‘legendariness’ can be disabled, I don’t care about that part but I would really like to experience the story.

Same with the ring questline in Draenor.


Yeah I think FOMO cosmetics are fine, but FOMO storyline / content isn’t.

Look at mage tower - it was, in a way, both. Same with MoP and WoD challenge modes. I’m sure people would love to go back for the challenge of it. But the people who did it as current content shouldn’t lose their prestigious cosmetic rewards.

There are other examples of FOMO cosmetics that shouldn’t come back throughout the history of the game.
AOTC Mounts and T3 gear are two examples of this.

Some of the FOMO content that should come back, to your point, is those two legendary questlines.

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I agree with you,

However, some acknowledgement of ideas, whether they are incorporated into the game or not, might go a long way towards mitigating some of the pessimism and angry posts.

You know - simple things such as, “We read your idea but it doesn’t mesh with what we are currently doing with the game. Thank you and keep the ideas coming!”. Or something like that.

Took me less than minute to type that.

I think people begin to feel angry when they feel like they are screaming into the void with NO response at all.


Is that why every single thread you posted in between the 25 through the 27th were all completely deleted and 404’d? :grin:

“If you agree” pretty much sums up the Community Council and Blizzards attitude in general. It’s basically, “I’m right, you are wrong”.


That is not even true. My post history backs that pretty easily. I don’t think I was posting to speak of xmas day or around that time for pretty common reasons. Those removed entire threads were all about forum and/or account disciplinary actions - and I posted explaining how the policies worked, and that the threads were against the rules so would likely be removed, and they were. Example that was not deleted was moved to the CS forum for a Blizzard reply. Post on the 27th. Wows punishment system needs a absolute OVERHAUL - #31 by Mirasol-mannoroth

So no, you would be rather incorrect. Also, not shocking Mods would remove threads where the OP breaks the forum rules from the start.

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Come on now, that is not all you did. And you were the only common denominator. :wink:

Wait - that is a smiling face… I sense humor! Text is tough for that.

open up the game - make an in game suggestion from my understanding those go directly to the game devs and by pass the middle men

It’s always humor. I can’t believe anyone ever takes anything I say seriously. :sunglasses:

I think you have a better chance of contacting Biden really

You could always go post on the Seat of the Council discord! Oh wait… /s

Well, the OP was correct link the thread which alerts the thread creator. Said Council member did in fact respond here. Seems pretty effective.