Hotfix for Emissary Turn-in Issue

Since we added Echoes of Ny’alotha as a reward from Emissary Quests, we’ve had a bug that needed to be quickly squashed. Today, we’ve deployed a hotfix that solve it without removing Echoes of Ny’alotha from Emissary Quests.

Instead, we’ve removed the bonus reputation reward that Contracts provide from Emissary Quest turn-ins. No other Quest rewards are affected.

You’ll see a side effect to this: Echoes of Ny’alotha are hidden in the Emissary and Quest panes of the UI. Nonetheless, you should see the Echoes in your chat log when you turn-in Emissary Quests (on characters that are eligible for Echoes).

Thank you for your patience.


Awesome thanks!

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:< but my 10 daily rep!


Not a huge loss. Thanks.

Time for my nap

I have never seen a post flagged to Oblivion this quickly. Just… what?


better the 10 rep than the 1500 rep from not being able to turn in? :thinking:

I think that dude just got his post hidden by a CM or something, that was like, instant.


it’s a jOkE

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I think there just might be a bot for certain words or terms. in any case.

yay for fast hotfix solutions.


You are going to have to be more specific, what exactly are you having an issue with in game?

It would also be helpful to make your own thread about that issue instead of derailing a CM’s thread.


Why not share the issue with us all?

Others might have a similar issue, and may want some direction. Or even support your stance.


I doubt they know what the issue is since you aren’t talking to the same member of Blizzard staff and I don’t think CMs and the support section you give tickets to are even the same division of Blizzard.

Like I said, make a specific thread about a specific issue so you can get a response or open a ticket with Support staff.

Interesting. I agree.

They could have informed the public the day they announced it… instead of hours after launch.

See. By stating your case, you are more likely to find agreement and understanding.


Well Blizz won’t know unless you tell them. And if you make others aware, those sympathy votes can add up to something Blizzard decides to act on. If they see more complaints, it may help.

But if you just pretend people know what you are talking about - when no one does - you are likely to get nothing.

Pretty sure you’re getting flagged cuz your post and issue has nothing to do with this thread. You’re just jumping in cuz Blue thread. This is not going to end well for you if you keep calling them names. Go to customer service.

My issue is this phone app not letting me post with my retail chars. But that’s also off topic.



Still broken.

Just maybe not as much broken.

Got it.


It’s pretty obvious they aren’t refunding the echoes. I haven’t heard of no one else’s tickets being resolved. Quacking here certainly won’t help

Just keep sending the back with “Unacceptable resolution”.

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They have given a response – albeit a non-helpful, “too bad for you guys, suck it up” response to this issue. CS isn’t going to replace what was lost or some such. That’s the official response, so technically they’re not ignoring your or the mega-thread. Thus, you are in fact trolling for a response when one already exists.

You don’t have to like it, so make a thread about your dislike instead of asking what’s already been answered. Probably won’t get insta-flagged.


Are you kidding me?!!
I just got back to playing this game after being away for 5 years. I use contracts on my alts to catch up on rep for crafting. Bliz restricts us to just 2 professions per character, so you force us to make alts to be self-sufficient. Now you cut us off at the knees when we find a feasible way to not have to grind the rep.

Give us back our contract rep!

You added a patch to help players not have to grind old content for rep to get the things you need. Now, instead of grinding world quests for the rep I need for crafting, now I need to go back to old content to grind rep. Brilliant. You actually made things worse, Bliz.

It’s like you hire an electrician to put in a ceiling fan for your dining room, but he takes the dinette set on his way out the door. If this is the way you’re going to give us a helping hand, I’d rather have no help at all.

Hire back some of those people you let go who actually know how to code a game.