Hotfix for Emissary Turn-in Issue

You’ll survive buttercup.

You know it’s 10 rep you are missing right?

10 rep per world quest really adds up. I do them dilligently on 3 alts, usually entire zones. They need the gold, azerite power, and war resources any way.

It’s strange they’d make such a hard stance on something they can fix so easily, you have to expect that eventually they’ll cave to the obvious fault of their decision, why not just resolve it now?


It’s only 10 rep, cause it only affects the Emissary Quest turn in… All other WQ’s are giving the 10 rep bonus if you have a contract as usual. You just had to read.

10 rep per emissary turn-in, not quest. It’s 10 rep lost a day. Wowee.

Reopen enough times and you can be suspended for it

Wow that sucks. Have you tried signing out and signing back in?

I imagine you tried some of the basic stuff. This phone app does have its issues.

I assumed it was the people not logging onto their mains first before going out to collect Echoes… only to not get any Echoes. My understanding is that people weren’t able to see the unlocked essences until they logged onto their main, which was fine. But to flat out not get the currency until you did that (again, if I understood the issue correctly) should see the players awarded the currency they earned. I earned 500 on one toon in just a few hours play, so I can’t imagine how much other players are out.


When Blizz goes full Dunning Kruger to spite the playerbase. Lmao.

I didn’t flag you, but I’ve read them.

Consider your wording. That’s why you’re getting flagged.

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A: You’re Human, you already get a rep bump just for that.
B: The amount you get from that source is very small.
C: People would rather have the Echoes than the rep right now, since a larger portion of the player base has been Exalted for a very long time.

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I’ve posted plenty of comments with harsher wording than his and I’ve never been flagged down since they removed downvoting in Legion; I’m surprised he’s getting insta-flagged on every comment considering he’s actually being pretty tame. Blizzard really should refund lost echoes from the weekly chest if they can.



You got lucky?

I’ve been flagged for less.

I’m just telling him that his wording is less than stellar and I guarantee that’s where the flags are coming from.

Probably, but maybe since this is also the general discussion forum that it’s more likely to be seen and flagged.

Still, it’s pretty tame.

It’s only broken-ish now.

Still, I’ll take getting echoes again.

It’s quite possible that the specific word you used has triggered a flag. How about you post again and don’t use that word (you know the one I mean, right) and perhaps it won’t happen?

PS: Wait, forget that, I see you did make later posts. It’s quite possible you are being false flagged by one or more people, even possibly someone using alts to do it. Until it’s checked there isn’t a lot you can do.


They. Don’t. Care.

Probably hurts to read that working for Blizzard but it’s the truth. If they cared they would have given it more attention rather than just brushing it to the side.


Later posts contained the exact same wording.

I doubt it was a false flag.

This is the last one I can see, and the above is all he said, and that was also flagged. It’s a fairly inocuous comment compared with some of the comments I’ve seen made on this forum without reaction.

I believe there is enough evidence generally to consider that sometimes harassment happens on this forum just as it does ingame, and for similar reasons. Sometimes people just like causing trouble because they can.