Echoes from Emissaries

Will they be returning or not?

Umm, pretty sure they are there.

I did Naj today and got 50 from that.

They said they’d be back, but the two most recent emissaries for horde are not showing them as a reward.

What they SAID was they aren’t showing on the window, but they ARE there.

They had to eliminate the bonus Contract rep and remove them from the window to make the Echoes work properly.

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I have not received any for 2 days, and most of my characters are eligible.

You have to log into the character that has rank 3 essences to make all the other eligible. THAT is also in the post as I recall.

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I log into all my 120’s and do emissaries every day.


The Echoes are there. They didn’t eliminate them. Submit a ticket if you think you are having an issue.

Not sure if this could be an issue, but just wanted to touch on something about eligibility for Echoes.

Same as your alts’ eligibility relies on your main’s possession of rank 3 Essences that the alts themselves do not yet possess, your main relies on your alts to have rank 3 Essences that the main does not yet possess.

Only after a character has met the eligibility requirements themselves will they be able to earn Echoes.


Yeah, that is the issue:

It isn’t showing.