Obtaining Rank 3 Essences on Alts

Make these things account-wide and can be earned by any character. I have little interest in doing the content that drops these items with any character other than my main. Let us farm these echoes on ALL characters. I want to farm them on my main, send to alts.

Alts are only doing w-bosses right now; I’d rather not have to download an addon to remove the constant popup reminding me of empty essence slots…

Thank you! :heartpulse: :dove:

These values are insulting.

Still can’t get blood of the enemy on my shadow priest, despite having rank 3 on my rogue. Thought you were supposed to have fixed this? You haven’t. Fix it now.

This sentiment is why they made this currency only drop if you could purchase something in the first place, and why there are so many hijinks and so much kludge in the new system, because they didn’t want people complaining about a currency without use on their mains.

Frankly, I’d rather have a currency I don’t (currently) have a use for on my main, rather than not being able to earn that currency at all on my main and then having to start the grind on him from scratch if one of my alts gets an essence my main doesn’t yet have (like, say, one of the PvP ones).

You can now purchase variants of rank 3’s you own that are for other roles. For example, if you’ve got the DPS essence from Horrific Visions at rank 3, but not the healing or tanking one, as of a hotfix on Friday you can now purchase the healing and tanking one at rank 3 simply because you have any of the essences from that source, even on your main.

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They either never removed them from emissaries, or have now restored them:

Just give us the essences man common just another boring grind you put on boring grinds from 8.3

total blah


Here’s some detail for my rank 3 DPS essences on my max level characters:

  Druid Rogue Mage Hunter
Blood of the Enemy
Breath of the Dying
Essences of the Focusing Iris
Memory of Lucid Dreams
Purification Protocol
Spark of Inspiration
The Crucible of Flame
The Unbound Force
Vision of Perfection
Worldvein Resonance
Condensed Life-Force
Conflit and Strife
Ripple in Space
The Formless Void

As you can see, my druid has all the essence that other 3 characters does, but he's receiving echoes now so something must've changed.
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Right, but do you have the healing and tanking variants from each of those sources? For example, Breath of the Dying is a DPS essence, and the same source (initial 8.3 quest chain, R3 from Rajani rep) also rewards Touch of the Everlasting and Spirit of Preservation. Due to the hotfix, simply having Breath of the Dying at Rank 3 now makes it so your main can also purchase both Touch of the Everlasting and Spirit of Preservation directly at Rank 3 from Mother for Echoes, even if you’ve not acquired Rank 1 or 2 for them from the Rajani quartermaster. The same goes for the other grouped ones (list of groups can be found in the post I linked: More Flexibility with Essences).

So unless your druid also has every healing and tanking essence at Rank 3 that comes from the same source as any DPS essence you have, your druid can now acquire Echoes, and can use them to purchase said tanking and healing essences.

I can´t get the echoes with my main character he has rank 4 essences and 5 rank 3, but my alts can get the currency what can I do?

A character having rank 3’s doesn’t mean that character will receive Echoes. In order for a character to receive Echoes, there needs to be Rank 3 Essences you do not possess but you are eligible to purchase. In order to be eligible to purchase a Rank 3 Essence, you need to have unlocked at rank 3+ that same Essence, or one from the same source, on any character on your account, and the current character must not yet have that essence at Rank 3+, and that Essence must be for a role your character can perform.

As an example, if your main is a pure DPS (so only eligible for pure DPS Essences), and there are no Essences that your alts have gotten to rank 3 but your main has not, you won’t get Echoes, because you wouldn’t be able to purchase anything with them.

Does that make sense?

Oh found it, my druid has a rank 2 Anima of Life and Death. So… It’s been activated for this character will he keep receiving the echoes even after he’s got the rank 3 (next reset)?

You need to login to a character that has some rank 3 essences (e.g. Purification Protocol), then login to a character that doesn’t have Purification Protocol and the second character can start receiving echoes.

Blizz will not return any echoes that you missed out on the first character you login to :smiley:. Don’t be too upset, many others did the same thing on reset day including me (missed out 350++ echoes).

No idea, tbh. I cautioned in another thread that it’s very possible characters will stop receiving Echoes once they install the last currently Essence that have currently available for purchase from MOTHER. Thus far, I’ve not seen information either way as to whether it is a one-time enable toggle, or if it will disable itself again once you get all the Essences you’re currently eligible to purchase on that character. May be a wise choice to withhold purchasing at least one Essence from MOTHER so you can continue stockpiling Echoes.

please never again do essences… I can’t believe I got punished because I decided to drop your game back on 8.2 now I have to keep finding groups that progress on 8.2 content at 8.3 there’s no sign from you to change the amount either so yeah

yes I’m talking about eternal palace essences.

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Welcome to the FOMO design philosophy. You must never, ever stop playing, because if you do you will miss out.

I’ll tell you the result next reset.

I can’t purchase anything though and I am getting it dropping.

Maybe they figure I should be purchasing roles I don’t play since they changed that. Not everyone is so OCD they want essences on roles they don’t play though.

You can purchase things. Just because you they are for roles you don’t wish to play doesn’t mean you can’t purchase anything with it.

And ya, some peeps like to play their offspecs.

so we are back to where we started.

Your refusal to play your off specs isn’t a failure of the game. So this currency isn’t useful to you right now. Ok, simply ignore it. Blizz trying to cater to people like you by not dropping the currency at all unless you have something to purchase with it is why this system is as clunky as it already is.

I mean, what’s the difference to you if you have a pile of Echoes on your currency tab that you don’t want to use on offspecs, versus them simply not dropping? Does it hurt you for that currency to be there?

Honestly, of all the reasons to quit, if this is what causes you to unsub, the game is probably better off without you, and you’re almost certainly better off finding a game more suited to your…unique demands.