Hot take on cross faction

the premade would drop, and the line would move forward in their place, it would repop probably in a few seconds. have you not ever seen someone decline a PVE queue? its no big deal.

people are human, if they get put on a different team from their friends, they may help or they may sabotage, either way you are spoiling their fun, they wanted to play with their friends, not you.

I have, one is cooperative and one is competitive. Your suggestion has to consider not 40 players in the case of an epic BG, but 80 players for both teams. You’re telling me that if one person misses that queue, the queue drops for everyone until another pop happens, in which case you have to then wait again for 80 people to press accept queue? Horrible idea I’m sorry.

I’m going to be blunt, Blizzard does not need to, and should not need to, make it easier for you premade syncers to sync into a battleground and I sincerely hope they add forced cross faction play into battlegrounds and kill it. No accomodations need to be made for sync queuers. You can say, “but I want to play with my friends,” but the thing is, you already can. You can play with your friends like the rest of us; bound to a 5 man party. :dracthyr_shrug:


don’t have to do it like that, you can even let it sit on the screen and refill those positions live, it only needs to return to the queue if it can’t find someone immediately. this could also be used to balance heals and ensure both teams have either equivalent numbers or at least a minimum number of healers.

we aren’t the problem. sync premades are the solution to the problem. the problem is apathetic anti-social pug players who ruin the game for people who only play to pvp. pvpers flock to communities in order to play with likeminded players and avoid the bad players that sour their gaming experience.

A full premade vs a pug is not a problem? Where’s your logic in that exactly?

Players who only play to PvP want cross faction battlegrounds, atleast, those who only care about real PvP at it’s core and not the faction aesthetic side of PvP.

So, being an inexperienced player sours your gaming experience? Sounds like you’re part of the problem really if that’s how you view new and inexperienced players, viewing them as “bad.”


I can’t quite understand how deluded you actually are.


Cross faction battlegrounds would allow for more people to play with their friends regardless of faction.
Right now, if I want to do random battlegrounds with a friend, we both need to play characters on the same faction. I know merc mode exists, but merc mode is just a bad band aid for a problem that would be solved with cross faction battleground queues.

Nothing is stopping you from playing random battlegrounds with 1-4 friends, or playing rated battlegrounds with 9 friends, or doing world pvp with 39 friends.
But I will say that if cross faction battlegrounds are added, they should also add a premade queue for epics so groups of 40 players can queue up for a epic battleground and fight other 40 man groups. Though finding 40 players might be a bit much so maybe it should be 25v25 or something instead.

There, you can go play with all your friends, but you’ll be facing similar sized groups. If this “kills” your epic battleground premade queues, that only means that not enough people enjoy that type of game play.


It’s only enjoyable to them if they face pugs not other epic premades lol

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^ This.

Queue pops. Wait 90 seconds. Someone was AFK. Rejoin the queue.
Queue pops. Wait 90 seconds. Someone was AFK. Rejoin the queue.
Queue pops. Wait 90 seconds. Someone was AFK. Rejoin the queue.

Premade raiders will blame everything to excuse their cheating. They’re premading because of bots. They’re premading because of pugs.

How about they’re premading and circumventing restrictions because they want easy wins? And they don’t care how much damage they’re doing to the PvP community.

Read this explanation:

^ That’s just in 10-person bgs. Now consider how many people’s fun get ruined by a premade raid in epic bgs and how many noobs get traumatized into never PvPing again.

Who wrote this?

You. Before you fell to the dark side.

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Lmao, that’s gold. Good find there friend.

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you also have to remember that in 8.0 epics were split off into their own bracket, and we have been continuously reminded by many players about how much epics don’t matter. well, to the people who epics do matter to, they have developed their own playstyle for epics, and it includes large premade groups. the argument of twinks does not work here because epics already are their own queue. now its not even enough that we sit over here in our own small queue that nobody cares about, now we have to put up with the complaints of people who couldn’t care less about epics on any given day but now suddenly care because a premade is making them work for a worthless quest.

premade epics is just as real of pvp as a rated 2v2 match, just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it any less real, btw your argument is a logical fallacy called “no true scotsman” unless we are talking about he authenticity of something, anytime someone comments about what counts as real or not real due to their opinion, you know they are full of it.

lets change the context, if a brand new player joined LFR and kept pulling the boss, taunting, and causing the team to wipe over and over and over. they would vote to kick, no hesitation.

why are pvpers supposed to just put up with it?

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That’s not really true . Not sure why people keep saying that . SAS lost a long AV to another team last night . Not sure if it was a premade as I didn’t recognize any names but it was a very enjoyable game . I would take that over 10 wins over pugs .Though some funny unexplained mechanics did take place in the game .

we have a new channel in disc for documenting stuff like this btw

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When you bring a premade raid into an epic bg, you turn your PvP experience into PvE.

Guaranteed wins. Minimal effort.

Very little competition.

Furthermore, there’s no such thing as premade epic bgs. You’re creating your own PvE-like game mode to the detriment of all PvPers.

they already have merc mode and most players play both factions so cross faction saves the game instead of killing it

pretending you are a pvper not enough today? gonna pretend you are a mythic raider too?

Good morning!


so, yesterday it was Bri upsetting and alienating teh RBG community by discounting the effort it takes to get Hero, today its you alienating the PVE community by saying raiding takes no effort.

good job guys, this isn’t how you make friends btw, maybe thats why you have a problem with premades, you can’t make premades because you have no friends, so rather than change your own attitude, you would rather attack me for being successful at what you struggle at.

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So you’re justifying a full premade vs a pug because “no one cares anyway! they all hate epic BGs, whats one more thing to deal with?”

Again, sounds like you’re the problem, not the “solution.” You’re giving players another reason to hate epic battlegrounds.

I think you misunderstood what I said. When I said, “real PvP at it’s core” I’m not talking about the form of PvP. I said at it’s core, i.e, Player vs Player. Real PvP is just Player vs Player, not Faction vs Faction, as some people are fond of.

Players who only want to PvP want cross faction battlegrounds, and I’m further specifying those players into the ones who only care about fighting against another player, not the ones who care whether they’re fighting an Alliance or Horde player. For example, I only care about real PvP at it’s core, i.e, I only care about fighting against another player, not whether I’m fighting against an Alliance player. I just want the competition, I don’t care about faction.

You’re not actually comparing someone in PvE purposely griefing a raid fight to a new player in PvP who’s just new and inexperienced and doesn’t know what to do, right?

If a brand new player did this, he would get reported and likely actioned because he’s doing this purposely and is griefing. The example you’re giving isn’t making it out to be an accident; that person is doing it on purpose.

A brand new player just being inexperienced and doesn’t know what to do in PvP won’t ever get the chance to gain any real experience if toxic players like you just decide, “kick him, he’s new and bad :melting_face:


Are you claiming premade raid vs. pugs is the same difficulty as a mythic raid?

Or is it more like LFR?

I’m pretty sure Bri premades all the time, just not premade raids like you.

You are successfully circumventing restrictions in PvP. I struggle to do that.