Hot take on cross faction

They don’t add cross faction random/epics because it would kill epic bg communities


Cross faction kills the game imo. This is a game built on war between factions. It’s dumb to have one side.


I think it’s more the epic sync community has killed the casual player base and it’s really all that’s left


I don’t think I’ve met a person in WoW that actually PvPs and doesn’t want cross faction


The fact the game is 20 years old and pvp has never been a front runner for the company is what killed the casual player base for pvp. Heck it even affects pve some

That’s probably because u are no an old school player.


Og I’ve done as many bgs as you’ve done in your entire life this season

Joker is about as old school as it gets

Literally has done 25k bgs

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Nah, I’ve done a ton more before the company even recorded them. So there’s that.

They show those, it’s “classic” bgs


every old school player that still PvPs wants cross faction BGs


No they don’t. There was a time when none of this was kept track of. Sorry u have no argument here. Heck u probably never even played the game when there weren’t bgs or even hks. People killed each other for fun.

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Not me. Sorry to burst that for u.

I said “still PvPs” I bet you’ve done a dozen BGs in the last 10 years

Go back to classic WoW and stop trying to ruin retail for everyone


I’m sure deep down in your little mind u believe this also.

Yes they do. That’s why the function is in the game.

We both have more honorable kills than you, and we don’t farm gy’s in epics lol


I’m don’t farm hks in gy either. Only people I know do that are ruin in ioc. So swing and a wiff again for u bud.

Like literally neither of u have a solid argument for this. So u can keep responding. But I’m stating facts on the recording of things and also my opinion on cross faction.

I can’t convince ya

it is wut it is

There’s no need to convince me. I’m right on this.

Cross-faction is definitely the move. It would really help balance/queue times.