Horrific Visions Updates Coming with Weekly Maintenance

Goal achieved!

Or well, partially at least :slight_smile:

But hey, better than nothing.

This is good! Progress!

Stupid but needed changes. Something it should have been done at the beginning. When will you guys address some racials for some classes?

Because i could have done it with half the effort a week later?

Well 50 percent would be perfectly fine. You can already get 5 a week easily, so getting something like 10 a week would be pretty insane.

They need to walk the line carefully, because if people can do too many too easily then everyone and their brother will have full sockets very soon.

I’m fine with that though, if that’s what they do.
I have a suspicion they might too, as it seems like they have just fully given up on trying to reign in the power creep of this patch.

Its more fun for the player to be overpowered, but I can’t wait to hear the next chorus of complaining when our characters lose 70 percent of our power going into 9.0.

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Why not increase the cap on coalescing visions instead?

25k is still only 2.5 vessles - and it’s much easier to exceed 25k than have over 5 vessles in inventory.

Also, the vendor is literally right next to the gate, so why are we forced to just take up inventory space (assuming were storing vessles) vs. just pooling resources in a currency tab.


I personally don’t see my alts being able to clear 3+ areas prior to rank 12, but apparently there are people who can?

Could you make them stack while you are at it. Please.

True. I look forward to being OP for the rest of the patch. Not much else to do after you finish what 8.3 offered.

Thank you very much for these changes, and please can you tell the people that thought this was a good idea to reconsider finding a new job… I mean implementing dumb ideas that make people suffer has to be a great talent for something just not video games…

then again you are activision so that might be part of the work contract…

I mean I’d say well-done Blizzard, but if you guys actually tested your content before releasing it you’d know that these were changes that should have been in from the beginning. Most obvious, no-brainer stuff I could imagine and yet it took your brain trust weeks and weeks to realize this was needed. Well done /slowclap

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Should make them stackable. :wink:

There were many things that should have been fixed in the ptr, this wasn’t one of them.

Content should be difficult in the beginning to give the hardcore audience something to challenge them. Then take a step back to make the people who just aren’t at that level catch up once all the world firsts are achieved.

That is cool but are these things going to stack now? Having them take up one bag slot each kills inventory space.

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It is only Coalescing Visions that are getting increased so my assumption is the major assault is not getting touched. I also don’t know if “dailies” are including the daily vision or not. If neither of those are included you are only going to get like 6.5-6 vessels from a 50% increase or something because 5 is pushing it since you only get like 4.5 from the “guaranteed” sources and a 5th requires like 5k grinding.

Thank the bloody god.

I certainly hope that vessels will be stackable. Either that or remove the 25k limit on coalescing visions.

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You guys really surprise me sometimes, this is actually a great quality of life change, thanks.

Ya, fair enough. That all sounds logical to me!
We will see soon enough I suppose.

Like I have said with my stance on corruption I am fine with power increases like all these extra sockets if they are at least easily obtainable. Corruption would be much better, barring things like release EV, if it actually dropped more frequently and you could get enough variety. Getting a garbage one when you only get like 3 a week blows.

Similarly, I don’t have a problem with everyone running around in fully socketed gear or whatever if everyone gets 7 entrances or whatever. Yes, people will be getting more from 5 mask full clearing than like no mask or whatever, but with so many entrances everyone is going to get fully socketed sooner rather than later so the difference in memento gain really doesn’t matter that much.