Horrific Visions Updates Coming with Weekly Maintenance

We will see.
I do agree that if these things were easier to come by the systems would be more engaging and sympathize with the plight of getting a bad option.
Just need to remember that we are going to be playing this patch for the next 6 months at least, so its not necessarily a problem that will never be solved.

My only major concern is that this patch’s PVE is already much easier than likely developed to be, and its not even close to being finished.

The cloak proc + more and more corruption is going to take this tier and smash it to bits, I’d imagine.

I’m fine with it, frankly. As a GM after a HORRIBLE summer thanks to Classic, its nice to be able to progress quickly.

But I really am not looking forward to what this forum is going to look like when we lose all of our corruption, azerite armor, and essences.

Some classes that is legitimately over 50 percent of their output right now.

I think that is a more “cross that bridge when we get there” on our end. There is a timeline where things do end up okay in the transition. I personally don’t see much of a reason to worry about those types of things until the beta opens up and more eyes are on it.

It could end horribly where every spec feels like trash or whatever, but nothing we say NOW is going to influence that until we see what is already being done and we can give actual feedback at that point.

Like if Beta comes out and something like Baleful Invocation is not baseline for Demo I would voice my concerns then, but I am not going to make judgments now based on the POSSIBILITY Blizzard ruins everything.

This is all great but I have one additional request: Make the Vessels stackable! Even now it is annoying to be doing visions want to do another and be like “well crap the other 3 are in the bank.”


Do you purposely make these posts to confuse tf out of people ??? " Up to 4 Torn Pages of Fear can now drop . " The rank 13-15 quests will still drop a max of 2 pages" ??? I hate that this is one of the only games that still makes people go to outside sources to figure out what is going on !!!


Torn pages of fear and flesh are pages from a book, called Fear and Flesh, that you looted from rank 6. Rank 12 is the start of a new book, obtained from a hard area, and then the pages of that book are from hard areas and used to upgrade from 12 to 15.

So basically, we can get a buttload more of things that already take up room because they don’t stack. And we will have to, because we are gonna get a bunch of coalescing visions that we are capped on. I mean, I hate to be THAT person, but unless the vessels of horrific visions stack, or unless the cap on the coalescing visions is removed, it’s gonna hurt already precious limited space. Half the time, I already don’t run things just because I’m trapped on space.

Hey, how about you stop punishing holy priests with solo content we can’t do because you won’t buff our insanely low dps and a group meta that makes it impossible to pug?

That would be a swell update.

Do any of you even try to smite your way through this stuff before pushing it out the door and considering it perfectly fine for everyone?

too late also a note to the developer the visions should be free until you use masks and account wide essences

I’ve updated the OP here with further information.

UPDATED 2:45 p.m. PST Monday, February 24

We’re working on a set of hotfixes to the game that should streamline upgrading your Legendary cloak via Horrific Visions.

We now have some specifics to outline. Once again, these changes will come into effect with scheduled weekly maintenance:

Coalescing Visions

  • Visions of N’Zoth Daily Quests now reward 30% more Coalescing Visions.
  • The main N’Zoth Threat now rewards 2500 Coalescing Visions (in addition to a Vessel of Horrific Visions).
  • Lesser Threats now reward 6500 Coalescing Visions.

Quests to Increase Cloak Rank

  • For Rank 13, the Quest now requires 4 Torn Pages (was 6).
  • For Rank 14, the Quest now requires 6 Torn Pages (was 12).
  • For Rank 15, the Quest now requires 8 Torn Pages (was 18).

Posted previously–

  • Coalescing Visions now drop in higher numbers from Assaults and Daily Quests.
  • The Unique(5) inventory cap on Vessel of Horrific Visions has been removed, allowing you to carry as many Vessels as you like.
  • Up to 4 Torn Pages of “Fear and Flesh” quest items can now drop in Horrific Visions from objectives on the rank 7-11 Legendary cloak upgrade quests (was a max of 2).
    • You’ll need to clear more than two sides areas in one run to get more than two pages. The rank 13-15 quests will still drop a max of 2 pages, only from Lost Area objectives.

These updates will go into effect with weekly maintenance (Tuesday, February 25 in this region).

Fantastic changes! Now I don’t feel like I need to stockpile vessels for the last couple of weeks and can start pushing mask runs right away (was going to wait until after rank 15).

Is there any word on the Vessel of Horrific Visions becoming stackable?


This is great news! Can we see corrupted mementos increased at any point? I would like to say that unless the vessels stack it would make more sense to just increase the cap of Coalescing Visions we can hold.

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“This is the longest PTR We’ve had to iron out issues and balancing”

A month in and here we are. It really amazes me and annoys me. Anyone else?

Coming from The lawyer side of him I guess i shouldn’t expect anything more.


Okay. Now add account-bound essences.


Yes it will be unlimited and stackable.

This is a WONDERFUL Change! my wife and I had thrown in the towel as we are found it impossible to keep up with all the content with the limited time we have to play!

Please can we get some alt love? I realize I am a bit nuts with my 28 max level toons but honestly I cant bring myself to do the intro quest chain on even a 3rd char. just give us a “ive seen this all heres the cloak” even if it forfits all the stuff you get on the way I would do it in a heartbeat!

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PLEASE, allow vessels to stack or be tracked as a general currency like coalescing visions. They use up so much space sitting in my bags/bank.


This truly is Beta for Azeroth.


Are the vessels at least stacking now? and/or the coalescing visions cap increased to make up for the increased drop rate?


both very good questions that probably wont be answered because Blizzard doesnt believe in communication with players.