Horde of Grobbulus rally!

My fellow warriors! We, the Horde! Requiem, stand poised on the cusp of greatness. As the realm of Grobbulus trembles with anticipation, we seek to bolster our ranks with the finest champions Azeroth has to offer. To those who hunger for glory and conquest, I extend an invitation: join us! Together, we shall march upon our enemies with unwavering resolve. We shall crush their spirits and claim victory in the name of the Horde. Our ranks are open to all who possess the courage to fight and the determination to endure. Whether you wield the blade, cast the spell, or heal the wounded, your talents are needed. In Horde! Requiem, you will find camaraderie, purpose, and the opportunity to make your mark on the annals of history. Do not hesitate, my brothers and sisters! The time for action is now. Seek us out on the realm of Grobbulus and prepare to unleash the fury of the Horde! For victory! For glory! For the Horde!

Raid times: Saturday 7pm server


Grobb right now is the way the game was meant to be played. Everybody is generous and faction oriented. Everyone who joins up will have a bunch of friends who ar eager help them get leveled up, geared up and professions trained. No credit card warriors here.


I’m currently in Faerlina but I’m seriously considering transferring to Grob. I just don’t want to lose the multitude of Horde we have in Faerlina. Guilds aren’t that great because they just cycle new players and don’t seem to have a real sense of belonging but quests are great for Horde players because randos are everywhere.

I don’t want to leave but I’m guildless lol.

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I can confirm, the horde of Grobbulus are a fearsome bunch. Just last week they nearly thwarted our efforts to slay two world dragons.

If they had a couple more hungry orcs and trolls… let’s just say this dwarf would be down to having only 2 toes left.

Come join our incredible little community on Grobbulus!

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I feel that. While I can’t speak for Horde, not much goes on outside of raid times on Grob. For myself, I mitigated this by transferring my Druid on Grob for raiding and leaving my Paladin behind for PuG dungeons.

This is mostly working for me at this time and being on Grob was a very positive move for me, I’m having a lot more fun with the game again :slight_smile:


Really excited to see how this all turns out! I’ve been here for a week and already I can tell that this really how the game was intended to be played. I’m very happy getting to know everyone and I can’t wait to raid and joke with everyone. We’re still looking for more horde raiders so I would encourage you all to take the plunge and come have fun with us! Feel free to add me if you have any questions. TheMrs#11580. ~ Kitty


Nice to see Grob growing again.

rolled on Grobb last week and I already have a thunderfury and two girlfriends. hands down, best decision I have ever made.


One girlfriend is headache enough, why would you want two?

Haha this was my first thought too :smiley: