Horde legit making WSG Premades to die and not res

Is blizz okay with this?

LFM WSG Premade, We die and don’t res. Its faster to farm marks than fighting premades.

This is the classic they’re giving us. Instead of making changes to the awful system this is what we get.

It is LEGITIMATELY Faster to die and not res and get 3-0 and take your 1 mark of honor than it is to fight the 99% premade matchups.


Alliance are doing the same thing, and no it is not faster, this is a strat used almost exclusively by bad premades when they get matched against other premades.


Even in vanilla, premade losses were a thing.
Was annoying to accidentally pug into one too.
But yea, these have been a thing on both sides since way back when.

its definitely faster to sit in gy and take 3-0 loss than fight a premade and take 10 mins to lose my guy or longer.

I am confusion.

It’s Blizzards fault you refuse to even try?


it IS blizzards fault that the honor gain is so awful in wsg that it is faster to lose 3-0 than actually play.

Yes that is blizzs fault

yes. this unsportsmanship should be punished. if you won’t pvp for honor and glory of your faction as intended you should not be eligible to pvp at all.

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Its the way its always been. Hph over wins. This is no changes. I knew the issues and asked for no bgs since i knew they would be exploited to death. Wpvp was atleast fun on some servers. Bgs are never fun.

This is no changes. This community was belligerent and toxic to the nth degree over “no changes”. This is what no changes means.

This community raised up the corpse of a 15 year old system and dragged it into the present age. This is it.

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I did this in Vanilla. It was the only way to reasonably get the last 5k or so rep i needed.

Short of replacing the honor system there isn’t much of a fix. It’s a terrible system, theres a reason it was scrapped in TBC


No it isn’t. There is no way you are gaining faster than the groups who camp the flag room and actually kill some of us. The pugs that turtle the flag room and make us fight our way out for all 3 caps get honor for kills and only spend an additional 2-3 minutes per match.

I suppose if your only concern is rep maybe that is the case, but what is stopping you from putting together your own group?

Blockquote it IS blizzards fault that the honor gain is so awful in wsg that it is faster to lose 3-0 than actually play.

The honor gain in WSG is incredible, you are just doing the worst strat possible to get honor. At 7 minutes per game and 398 honor per 3 marks it’s taking you over 20 minutes to get 400 honor, you can get that much in kills every WSG match easily and spend no additional time than the requisite 7.

For example, there is a pug Alliance Warrior on my server I regularly run into in WSG who is pulling in 5k an hour as a solo queue player in only pugs. Hes making 3800 more honor per hour than you just by trying.


Yes. The only reason to die and not res is to cut your losses, if you’re legitimately unable to kill any of the enemy team. Otherwise it’s best to just focus on getting as many kills as you can before the other team ends the game, and only ghost if they refuse to do so.

It’s also best to remember that those are fallback strategies, not your primary strategy - they’re what you do if it’s clear that you’re not going to win, in order to salvage what honor you can/reduce the time you’re wasting.

I wonder daily why these people are even trying the rank grind in the first place. They obviously don’t want to pvp and it’s not like getting epics is hard now.

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Sure, but I understand why a pug might default to this strat if they ran into a team like mine though. The pugs that try and kill us get way more honor and don’t spend more than 2-3 more minutes prolonging the match.

When a pug stops ressing we start doing stuff like practicing our jumps. We are all spread out and need the time to just get the flag across the field… there is so much honor there ripe for the picking for the pugs that roams around in a group of 2-3 engaging us and picking us off. There is almost always someone afk to kill once the game is in that state, as from our perspective it’s better to AFK then than during wpvp or a real match so take it now.

Yeah, I mean, if you can get kills, go for kills. Any honor is better than no honor at all.
It’s only if the other team just sits on that last flag that I’d say ghost to hurry the end of the match.

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Everyday I’m more confused by the mentality of ranking players. Everything is viewed through the lens of honor per hour. Just play the damn game for fun and forget the ranking system.

So much drama would be gone if honor was out of their minds.

These people are ruining the game. I’m just holding out hope that once they hit their rank it will all settle down and the people who are patiently waiting now won’t be as extreme later.

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I don’t do WSG because of Alliance premades. Take your own medicine.

same game different player base.

it all falls on the player base.