Horde legit making WSG Premades to die and not res

What the actual f are you talking about? 5k honor per hour is NOT incredible i was getting over 5k Honor per av in half that time…

As I said WSG honor needs to be on par with AV, but I do agree this system is trash. Its built for no life people when it comes to ranking up to acquire the gear equivalent to BWL.

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Well I was just in a pug where everyone fought vs premade fairlina. We won.

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No one said 5k honor an hour was incredible, the potential honor gain from WSG is though.

You said it was better honor to just not respawn and just take your mark and I showed its 3800 honor per hour better (As Alliance in this example) to try, even as a pug. Obviously if you have access to a good pre made do that, but if you are pugging, not trying is the worst honor you could get, not the best.

Your complaint that you can’t leech honor as well in WSG as you did in AV isn’t a very compelling one. Everyone who is getting great honor from WSG (I personally have never gotten better through out all of classic) are the ones actually playing the game.

It’s just as bad for both sides. Horde premades farm Ally pugs, Ally premades farm horde pugs.

I love reading this. It shouldn’t change, just because you don’t like how the Game works. Personally, I like how it works, and this is what was asked for. Everytime I read something like this, is the exact reason why the statement “you think you do, but you don’t” was made. This is Classic. Welcome, nice to have you here.

Having played vanilla, can confirm, this is WSG meta is maximum vanilla and I couldn’t be happier about it.

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premades back in the day at least had the decency to TRADE.

Is no1 else going to comment on the shockingly close WSG games where the “better players win” and RACIALS dont mean diddly.

They were until AV, then suddenly no changes was tossed out the window. Now many are regretting that change.

It’s also the system which created the subpar pvp in wow. Imagine if they copied dark age of Camelot pvp system… literally the opposite where talent stays at the top instead of pve honor grind and /played being at the top.

Doesn’t take away from what I said.

WSG is by and large, working just how it did in vanilla.
The honor is as it was back then.
WSG was never high honor, AV was.
What AV was not is fast, or very frequently played, so WSG trumped it in Honor per Hour.

But i do not recall, back then, such a large majority of the BG playing playerbase being so entrenched in the HpH meta.
Oh there were always some people who wanted to be 1st the fastest, but not everyone.

WSG is how it was in vanilla, which is what we asked for, Classic as close to vanilla as could be done.

What has changed though, is us.

Did you miss the part where they just made changes to AV?



5k HPH is kind on the low end for HORDE side if you have a decent premade (I ran with Mao a few times this week and we were around 6.5k hph). That’s with a 6-10 min queue. Good Alliance premades will be able to push that further. Theres a reason your best PvPers are in WSG instead of AV now, and its not just because WSG is more fun.

I have actually beat several (yeah, they probably weren’t very good) premades this way…with PUG groups.

Even if you don’t win…knowing that you gave them a harder time winning is more fulfilling, IMO.

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