Honor calculations

now my honor from yesterday isn’t calculating and logging on other characters hasn’t fixed it

this is extremely annoying, please give us an update or something

This makes me not even want to pvp. 500 hks down the drain.

Yeah I also noticed this myself. I had 1100+ HK’s and when the roll over happened I ended up with 776 for “yesterday”. I really hope that this is a UI (visual) bug, and not a bug around the actual data.

i’m also missing about 470 hks from yesterday that weren’t factored into my honor

I’m also missing about 800 kills from yesterday. Today count reset to 0 but yesterday and lifetime didn’t update.

Same issue. Since the honor system opened my honorable kills have not posted any honor gained.

Yesterday says 0.
This week says 0.

I can see Total kills and Todays Kills. Honor isn’t being displayed after several days of resets.

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I’m also only able to see my daily and lifetime kills but unable to see any honor amounts, they show zero on all the tabs.

Having the exact same issue as you.

307 HKs this week, 312 lifetime. Where the F is my 5 other HKs Blizzard???

Something is still wrong with the honor calculations. I am missing about 70 kills/honor. These were all solo kills so it’s quite a bit that wasn’t calculated for me. Please advise.

https: //imgur. com/a/UaLaIpK

Still bugged

Honor has not calculated/updated 2 days in a row for me.

I’m no longer seeing HKs appear in chat or on screen.

i have something worrying to add to all of this sadly. i know about the display issued with yesterday and this week tab (this is not about that). my issue is with the today tab. i was farming duos with my friend, they decided to log off and i switch to their pc cause it was better. after switching my honorable kills for TODAY went down over 100 to the number 53. so i farm a little more and get to 80s and now when its the next day, the missing 100+ is not appearing in total nor yesterday tab, just the 80+ kills. very worrying since they seem to believe the today tab is working the best out of them all

i lost over 100+ from the “today” tab when switching computers. it went down in front of my eyes , was painful

have not gotten my honor either lost almost 200hks and didnt get a rank yet even when the rest of my server has… rip wow classic

LMAO the ranks are doing the same thing, now some people have a trinket and some will probably have to wait over a day for their rank to update to get their trinket. Seriously good job blizzard keep up the amazing work of running classic into the ground

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Person standing in front of me: Sergeant with 3359 kills and 36643 honor for “Last week”. Okay, okay, seems right.

Me with 565 kills and 10239 honor for “This week”, zero rank. I have 1 honorable kill today (Tuesday).


I kinda have the same problem… Most of my honor and honor kills from last week is “0” and its all on the “This week” tab…

No update from bliz on the issue in over an hour