Honor calculations

Looks like it. My honor just updated a few minutes ago and seems to account for everything this week… Honestly I lost track of what was missing from early morning kills last week.

Yep, looks like it. Nice.

Well, they just updated the numbers again, so appears that the honor lost from last week was restored as well. Feeling pretty flush right now myself.

Hmm, mine has still not been updated. I have logged out and reloaded etc…

They may be doing it by server. I’m on Blaumeux.

Ah gotcha. I am on Grob

It sure is! We’re running a repair job for this week right now.

One thing to note about this repair job is that it will zero-out the kill count display for today, but that is just a display issue. In order to get this out as soon as possible, we’re leveraging the existing daily summary code, and one of the things it does is reset the daily kill-count display.

The kills are all still there and will be tracked in the daily summary code tomorrow morning, just before it runs the weekly summary code.

So to summarize, if you see your daily kills get set to 0, that’s okay, and those kills will still be counted.

While you are around! Does this fix effect anything for players missing honor Weeks #1 and #2?

Any response would be awesome! Thank you

Is this adding missing honor from weeks 1 and 2? I’m gaining way too much honor that I didn’t get this week.


Just gained nearly 80k Honor during this fix - what is going on? I know people who gained 100k+ honor from relogging just now. Something must be off.

Possibly all past weeks added back in 1 day?

i gained 50k honor is this a visual bug or is everything messed up now?

Anyone else just gain a stupid amount of honor? over 100k just showed up in my display…blizz better hope their promises that this is a visual bug are true bc if the brackets are out of whack they will have a riot on their hands

No, this job will not affect any of the results in previous weeks.

The steps to fully resolve an issue like this are:

  1. Identify the source of the problem
  2. Stop it from getting worse
  3. Determine the scope of the damage done
  4. Repair the damage if possible.

While we’re at step 4 for this week’s data, we’re really at step 2 for the problem at large (repairing this week’s summaries keep the problem at large from getting worse).

While we’ve seen anecdotal reports of lost honor, it’s only now that we know the source of the problem that we can identify how widespread the damage from it was, and that investigation is still ongoing.

I want to thank everybody that provided constructive feedback, and detailed information that helped us identify the issue here.

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I just gained way more honor than I actually got this week. This fix is bugged and way too much honor is being given out, possibly the honor from the last weeks or the honor is being duplicated and added multiple times.

Can you just remove estimated honor and actually show the amount of honor you get after each kill? And also add the amount of honor you have earned today after every kill.

I don’t understand why we have to use these addons to track our diminishing returns on honor throughout the day, when private servers were able to do this and make it a lot more transparent for everyone.


Can we have a post when you have finished this process so those of us repeatedly logging in and out will know when we can stop doing that? :smiley:

Well that really stinks losing about a 1/4th of my total honor gains for the first two weeks all while being told the kills were still “accounted for”.

But thanks for the reply.

Just to be clear, we do have the kills logged (for previous weeks as well).

What I said is that this action doesn’t affect previous weeks’ results, and we’re still investigating the scope of the damage, now that the cause has been identified.


Waaaay too much honor is being added. Looks like previous weeks are getting lumped in or an error in calculation/refund.

To clarify for Vallentine and Ed, we’re not asking about changing the previous weeks results in terms of RP or Position on ladder, but about whether or not Honor that went into the ether from previous weeks is being added to this week’s total, as that is what it feel like to us.