Latest Honor Fix Announcement


From Blue Post:

“No, this job will not affect any of the results in previous weeks.”

No one cares about honor fix, fix rankings.

I hear some people saying you can’t fix rankings cause it’s already been done. Wrong.

If they have the records when the kills are made, you can recalculate everything and give correct rankings for next week. (Plug in the right numbers, simulate rank calculation process from week 1).

I have no clue why people think rankings are set in stone because it’s been calculated already, just do it again. Not just for next week, from the beginning.

Looking at my honor tab right now, it looks like they just inflated my this week’s kill total to account for previous missed kills. This is just going to mess up calculation for this week. Who knows how many kills people missed each week.

For example, imagine player 1 and player 2 on server X, with same honor/kill.
Week1: Player 1 kills 10 (actually recorded 1), Player 2 Kills 3 (actually recorded 2)
Week2: Player 1 kills 10 (actually recorded 1), Player 2 Kills 3 (actually recorded 2)
Week3: Player 1 kills 10 (actually recorded 1), Player 2 Kills 3 (actually recorded 2)
Week4: Honor Fix, Player 1 gets 27 Kill Credit, Player 2 gets 3 Kill Credit.

Player 1 only gets higher rank points on week 4 compared to Player 2. While player 1 should’ve gotten higher rank TOTAL. Player 2 is still ahead in rankings with this fix, which is wrong.

What they need to do is just look back and redo the Ranking Credit Process for each week, so Player 1 gets the correct ranking which should be higher than Player 2.

Will some people lose rankings if they recalculate from beginning? Some people might see a decrease in their ranks in Honor Tab. But it’s not “actually” a decrease, it’s just showing them a rank they don’t deserve right now cause honor records are screwed up. It all depends on how messed up the calculation is.

If blizzard doesn’t fix rankings, it’s because they don’t want some people to get mad when they see that they “lost” ranks. But what about people who didn’t get any ranks for what they worked for? Does it not matter because we are already mad? Stop giving us BS fix like “Honor” fix. It’s not an actual fix, you are trying to cover it up by inflating this weeks kill count.



Get over it, its just WAY too complicated to fix at this point.

You get a different amount of honor for killing a player Depending on your rank vs their rank, haveing to go back and recalculate EVERY SINGLE KILL that happened the past two weeks AFTER all the other complicated recalculations is just completely unreasonable and would overall not change things significantly.

Blizzard messed up, just be happy they are fixing the issue and move on


Let me guess you didn’t honor farm and doesn’t care. And telling people to get over it lol. Would you get over something that you put hours into working on and you didn’t get the credit you deserve?

Not that hard to recalculate when you have all the records. So what if honor is different for different ranks? Account for that in the calculation. And you only have to worry about Ranks each week, not every kill calculation.

You are too fixed on the example and not thinking broadly.

I work for a tech company as a backend engineer and we write scripts to fix bad record calculation all the time. Does it take time? yeah, but it can be done. And no it’s not going to take months, it can be done in few weeks.


Idk, that seems a bit much for the single intern they have running classic right now.


Im first sergeant (rank 5), ive done plenty of farming.

Its not as simple as you think it is, if a sergeant kills a master sergeant they get a different amount of honor than they would for killing a corporal. The few outliers that would have a different rank one of those weeks would be worth a different amount of honor so having to go back and retroactively recalculate EVERY SINGLE KILL would take WAY to long to do and overall would not change things significantly enough to be worth the tremendous hassle.

This is EARLY ranking, this isnt the rank 10-14 grind, this period is mostly wasted effort, you are only very slightly speeding up your ranking by going hard right now. Crying about losing or gaining such a negligible amount of rank points at this points is just silly, people will be stalled in the 10-14 brackets making and losing progress for months


i heard sitting on a flight path or in the middle of a raid is so difficult


I can write a script that can recalculate the ranks in a week if I had the kill history with timestamp and formula for how they calculate honor/kill and rank/week.

You just don’t get it that it’s not as hard as you think lol. It’s hard to do it MANUALLY but once you work out the logic you can just run the process for each week. I get it if you don’t get it.


Before I logged last night I noticed that my honor tab had been fixed. I missed out on roughly 8k honor and 400 ish HKs from earlier in the week, but for whatever reason, presumably the hotfix, it had all calculated and HonorSpy was showing me at 101st on the server, within bracket 10.

Now that I’ve logged in today, I’m missing that 8k honor, the HKs, and im ranked 273rd on the server, obviously dropping brackets.

So now the question is, was HonorSpy just not calculating the fixes from other players and had me ranked higher based on (atleast 172 people) missing honor also, or is my honor still jacked up.

Regardless, my stats for “last week” are reflecting the incorrect honor/hks (presumably, directly effecting the bracket i was placed in and my corresponding RP)

I get it, these early ranks are a gimme, and you’re not looking at major deal breakers until you’re 11+, but as a full-time employee, husband, and father of two kids… I dont have the time to invest in Blizzard docking my RP on top of the 20% decay already occurring. I’m strapped enough as it is and trying to get to rank 10 for us with real life commitments is still a grind.


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