Heirlooms=No azerite on leveling characters. How do we feel about that?

This might not be an issue once 8.2 comes out. They are changing the azerite system completely afaik, moving more of the power to the neck. I think the azerite gear will still have traits but I think the neck will be where the real power is.
We’ll find out soon enough.

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yeah its true with scaling gear becomes so pointless in many scenarios but it still matters sometimes when you are leveling.

And there is a dopamine return on getting gear upgrades.

Secondaries are better and more fun than azerite traits.


Azerite armor is half-a**** garbage anyway, why would it matter?

Semper Fi! :us:


It would just turn into some addon switching out your gear for heirlooms when you target a quest turn in npc. Either way the 50% xp boost from heirlooms is just too big to ignore. Just so very weird to expect players to pay that much for an upgrade and it’s just going to be worse than the azerite gear.

As for the bonuses while leveling 110-120. I don’t think the azerite traits do much outside of the bubble trait which is pretty good. Just having the traits unlocked would probably mean you’re around 116-117 or something. I don’t think it will be super noticeable if you were to level with heirlooms.

Azerite Traits while leveling I think don’t really account for much dps. Also the heirloom pieces still have the usual secondary stats so it should be a little under the value a Azerite piece would give while leveling. Considering your time to kill mobs won’t be too affected the trade would be worth it for the bonus xp.

TL;DR: Yeah they won’t have Azerite but the bonus xp is the point of them. I can’t imagine you’d notice too much of a difference but if you’re testing it on the PTR please let us know how it feels.


More than just traits though. azerite armor STARTS at 280, and quickly goes to 295. if heirlooms scale linear ilvl then they’ll have crappy ilvl for those 3 slots until almost 120.


Healing monks before they get mastery?

Some classes can be longer and/or more painful.

If I knew I was going to have more clothe wearing alts I’d get these. As I dread every leveling session with my S. Priest. And its only the BFA part. I actually didn’t mind, and kind of liked, the WoD levelling even.

40ish% percent more xp she’d be done. Almost worth it really. Almost. Not seeing another clothe char in the near future so yeah I’d not jump on this. As at least for me clothe mages aren’t the most fun to level lol.

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It goes to show how bad the azerite gear system really is when even blizzard acknowledge that basic secondary stat sticks are often more useful and interesting than azerite traits


The best Azerite trait while leveling is Resounding Protection, unless you’re in tank spec. Not getting dazed off your mount is high utility. I might prefer a Resounding Protection piece over the Bonus XP.


Soon enough? July? To fix the worst system they ever put in the game? To make the expansion they way it should have been on day one? Soon enough to give us our Zandalari Trolls, half way through or more into the expansion?

Soon enough?

Oh heck no!


That doesn’t Really refute his point though, does it? yes, the ilvl stat is very different, but how much will it really affect your TTK when killing mobs? Will that tiny, tiny drop in TTK be worth giving up bonus XP? The heirlooms are already very attractive as they are, regardless if what your ilvl stat says.

Even if the difference between killing with Azerite/Heirlooms is small, the Heirlooms are very expensive. (Yes they were made cheaper, and I consider the price reasonable, but its still expensive relatively speaking). So it should be worth the price entirely. I’ll hop on the PTR myself and try it out in a few minutes here, and make my own feedback post, but I would think the best solution is to make the 111-115 way stronger, 115-119 a little stronger, then 120 should be on par with Azerite Gear so you can start replacing them without being a big ol carry

EDIT: Perhaps its not worth it’s own feedback post, the killtimes are very similar at level 112 despite the loss of a trait and 130 strength, though survivability is tough without the defensive traits and the armor/stamina. I don’t have time to do the quests to get 2 other bits of Azerite Armor to fully compare them but thats the thing I worry about.

They might be fine to get to 120, spamming Island’s, to then play/farm older content.

I feel like I wouldn’t be using heirlooms at that point anyway. Training wheels have to come off at some point.

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Do heirlooms typically get their effect lvl cap increased during an expansion?

They do yes, we had 110 Heirlooms mid legion, now we’re getting 120 heirlooms here.

Why is this an issue? Heirlooms are not designed around a specific expansion. Azerite Gear faces the same fate in 9.0 that the Artifact Weapons did in 8.0… the traits will be shut off and we’ll be replacing them with questing Blues/Greens in the next expansion.


Because some of us are actually playing right now, and don’t wanna wait another year and a half to speed up leveling in a place we’ve now already done too many times? Don’t get me wrong, Kul Tiras and Zandalar are awesome, but no amount of awesomeness lets me do it over and over