Heirlooms=No azerite on leveling characters. How do we feel about that?


Do we feel that Blizzard should, I don’t know, have the 110-120 heirloom shoulders, chest and helm be… beefier as they scale?

Everyone leveling next to anyone basically will have to accept that they straight up aren’t wearing azerite. No one has any right to ask anyone to give up 30% XP, and yet… I mean I am certainly glad I won’t be healing azerite-less tanks in dungeons (because I’ll be queueing DPS for that very reason), that’s for sure.


ISTM leveling dungeons are easy enough that it won’t matter. Unless you majorly screw up an important mechanic or try to pull half the instance you’ll be fine wearing whatever you have.

Healing azerite-less tanks is trivial compared to healing tanks that don’t know where their active mitigation buttons are, and healers have to put up with that at all levels. Or healing people who stand in fire.


yep they need to be buffed

should be good gear, we paid good and high amounts of gold for them

they didn’t need the power nerf bliz gave them at the end of legion

(Akston) #4

People cried out for non azerite gear. Got their wish, I guess.

(Nobody) #5

Honestly during the expansion it might feel a bit crummy, but you could just go with your non-az slots Pants Cape Rings Trinkets Weapons. Personally I forget half the time to put in az traits on my alts since they are so underwhelming and i switch specs alot so… alot of the effects end up disabled while leveling and I don’t even realize it. I would personally go full heirloom since the AZ system is so terrible and bland as it stands now.

(Caelin) #6

Nope, if you decide to wear them over azerite gear that is your choice. Or you could save yourself the cost of upgrading 4 heirloom slots (HOA and 3 armor slots).


Oh wow, so looking forward to that! I really don’t want to collect any gear until 120, I want heirlooms in every slot.

(Dvis) #8

I don’t understand the need for heirlooms in the 110-120 range. It takes 6-8 hours, taking your reasonable time, and barely more than 1.5 zones, to max out level without heirlooms.

If you’re really in the need to cut that time in half, it can be done without heirlooms still. Just rush leveling. If you still need that time halved, I’d say this game will ultimately disappoint you.

(Svenska) #9

Next expansion you won’t give two flips about azerite armor when leveling your alts 110-120, just like we now don’t give a flip about the artifacts.

Probably won’t even be able to use the traits, they’ll likely disable the necklace aka artifact sacrifice.

(Delupi) #10

I’m personally of the belief that the only benefit the heirlooms should ever give is the experience. They should be statistically weaker than questing gear of equivalent level; a sacrifice for the increased leveling experience.

But that’s just me.

(Zoumz) #11

I think the cap is 50% buff to xp,
if you have 2x rings, cloak, legs, xp gem and potion for xp buff from service medals (honorbound/7th legion tokens) you can get 50% bonus xp without using chest/helm/shoulders.

(Minidecay) #12

The changes to exp buffs in 7.3.5 were confusing and a lot of off information has got out there.

They reduced the RaF bonus from +200% to +50%.

They made that bonus not stack with heirlooms any more.

Some Blue described that awkwardly:

and now there is a persistent belief that they lowered the total cap to +50% on exp boosts even outside of the RaF program.

I’m not sure what the max you can get is, but you can definitely get +55% with a full set of heirlooms.

(Alakhai) #13

Moot point really, you equip the neck you get the powers, once you hit 120 you get the azerite gear. The leveling gear gives you the stats, not choices so really it comes down to you choosing to get experience or choosing to get a choice of stat.


Ok but the point still stands: Not everyone will have all heirlooms, and the most valuable slots overlap with Azerite. You can and should anticipate people in group content to have no Azerite.

Some won’t care, some will find that an unacceptable imposition on a group, I brought it up wondering where folks’ feelings were on this! :slight_smile:


nah I like having SOME enjoyment from finding gear. Removing it all would make leveling even more boring.



The less I have to interact with LULzerite the better.


I almost leave those slots naked, no impact to performance. If I do remember to even check, I am usually getting like +50 upgrades there haha. I auto-vendor low level gear too, so there’s that - I’d have to remember to check items sold against slots… why bother.

(Sorelai) #18

Leveling from 110 to 120 is easy now. It takes a weekend. Especially if you use War Mode and the potions from Service Medals (20% bonus right there). So make a choice and choose one or the other.

(Mokrawr) #19

This might not be an issue once 8.2 comes out. They are changing the azerite system completely afaik, moving more of the power to the neck. I think the azerite gear will still have traits but I think the neck will be where the real power is.
We’ll find out soon enough.


yeah its true with scaling gear becomes so pointless in many scenarios but it still matters sometimes when you are leveling.

And there is a dopamine return on getting gear upgrades.