Have i posted any names? no. Even when i submitted a ticket, it wasn’t "trying to get Blizzard to face your bullies’, nor to report names, (since they kept rotating or changing theirs). it was to inquire about hiding guilds and guild activity. Which i stated on original post.

You assumed…i can see why some ppl may not submit questions in forums with your responses…

The thing is, you are asking for something legitimate, but the reason you are asking seems rather…unrealistic. And I think because the story seems to have some rather glaring holes people (myself included) are focusing on those glaring holes and how they just don’t make sense.

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If you follow their suggestion then you might as well not waste Blizzards time by reporting it since they are not going to consider it harassment.

  • unblocking them makes it not harassment
  • replying back makes it not harassment
  • you don’t need to document anything, Blizzard has the chat logs. The only thing you need to do is submit a ticket every single time they contact you. every single time.

In the end I can 100% assure you that they will be actioned and if they do it after that they will be permanently banned from the game on that account. I know this from personal experiences. :wink:

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Well i just wanted to know if guilds and guild activity could be hidden. I tried to give some context to my experience, without violating other ppl’s privacy. wtf…I’m trying to handle this on my own, with the tools available. Hence, why i posted.

Thats fine. I probably would have just asked rather that come up with the eventful story that couldn’t realistically happen.


200% correct, Yesuna.

There is no need to document. Removing people from Ignore harms your case. Replying to people harms your case.


I was asking if guilds and guild activity could be hidden. I’m new to posting here. All i can do is post my experience, with some guesses, since i have not played that long. just privacy inworld…that’s all i am hoping for.

Ignore list they cant join anything you are in doesnt matter what they que for if your in group they wont even see the pug.

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What are max number of alts a person can have? So if i have a character on ignore, but they are on an alt, and in the guild, can they still see it? Just asking…

A given game account may have up to 50 characters present on it, not including deleted characters.

Placing a character on Ignore does not prevent them from seeing you or knowing you’re online – it only prevents them from directly communicating with you.

That said, each of your characters has their own independent ignore list, but as long as a character is on that list, every other character from the same WoW account will be similarly Ignored.

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Not saying this isn’t happening, stranger things have happened, but I did watch a documentary about people who claim just this type of harassment. The authorities often can’t do anything because there’s no actual proof and the claims sound crazy. I mean, 10 bucks a day to harass someone? Getting other people involved? Guild infiltration? If someone was doing that to me I’d want their head.

Again, I don’t mean to come off as dismissive but it is apparently a social phenomenon that some people feel they’re being stalked when what’s actually happening is at best unclear.

I had a similar unfriending occur a few years back, I blocked the guy on all platforms we shared and maybe heard something once, and I wasn’t even sure it was him. Biggest thing I had to do was delete my single character off his server, just wasn’t worth it to keep it. Best of luck with your issue, that would drive me insane I think.

good grief. I’m not lying, did you consider that I am unaware of the all the technical aspects to the game? Hence, why i posted? Thanks so much for your helpful responses…

In Akston’s defense, we do occasionally see huuuuge threads about this sort of thing, and most of them end up being completely or partially untrue. His skepticism is definitely justifiable as a general standpoint, even if it’s not applicable to your individual situation.


I worked hard on my character, i do not wish to delete it. Alot of work went in to it. I have blocked this person on all other platforms, WoW is the only time i experience issues now. Until the unfriending, i had no problems in WoW. Hopefully it will pass…im just trying to find solutions. TY <3

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I think you’re onto something with your request for privacy honestly, just the fact that they essentially know your account they can now track you down on any character. I don’t think it should be that easy to stalk people. Because even if playing devils advocate this isn’t somehow happening the tools are there that it could.

This is what I’d do. Faction change, name change, and server change. Get a fresh guild, harder than it sounds, I know. Turn off as much stuff in armory like achieves if you can at all. And contact customer support with a list of names on your ignore list and explain exactly what they’re doing. Get a real person on the phone instead of trying to talk to a GM. Worth a shot.

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Honestly the more you give them light the worse it will be. What’s the worst they can possibly do to you in WoW? Call you names that you’ll be able to report? Are they standing menacingly next to your character? Just block them. Completely ignore them, they can’t do anything to you.

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I understand. I have been dealing with this for 4 months. First time posting about it. I can imagine it’s easy to develop cynicism with what is posted in the forums. Just looking for solutions. That’s all.

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I somewhat understand your situation while I have not personally been to the extreme yours has been I have had 3 people harrasse me in game the first 1 stopped after I talked to blizzard who told me they did something about it never heard from him again. 2nd time person gave up after like 3rd week my last person took about a month. I would probably just talk to blizzard

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Have you tried talking to you GM about getting this person out of the guild?


Ah ok. Good to know, thank u.