I’d report them directly to Blizzard for harassment/abuse. Give the character names and server, what they did and report them each time they do it. It’s a breach of Blizzard’s own terms if people are stalking and harassing you in game.


Eh…been trying to just handle this on my own.

To an extent, yes. This does not apply to War Mode, for example. If a player is following you around and killing you in War Mode, that will likely never be a violation of Blizzard’s rules in and of itself.

I completely ignore them, i do not engage with them at all, but when one person gets their friends and guilds involved…it changes the dynamics a bit.

The simplest solution is to turn WM off until they go away and if they start harassing more locally, then he can report them again. It’s not going to be an easy thing to fix.

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I think it’s a reflection of mentality, not always age. In my opinion.

You do have the option of a new account if absolutely all else fails, but that of course comes with its own problems (like paying for it and loss of progress).

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Sounds like OP just has some mental health issues. Ignore does not work on a single character but on all characters. Plus, what are the odds of this person and all of his friend spending months of their life and freetime and effort to track you down and harass you? Did you poison his dog or something?

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Thank you.

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For clarity, a person on the phone is going to be the same people who take live chats and the same people who directly answer text tickets.

There won’t be any difference in what they’re able to do.

If all of this is happening in-game, I would suggest avoiding talking to someone in real time. You are asking for an investigation which may take over an hour, and support staff are and always will be expected to finish live contacts (calls/chats) in a timely fashion.

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I guess it depends on their mentality. So if they have guild(s) also participating? If this person that is harassing me is a GM…there would be other names to ignore as well, correct? First time posting, just trying to find a solution. Thanks.

This really sounds like a paranoid fantasy, doesn’t it?


It’s likely a combination. OP is probably being pestered, possibly by multiple people. Without knowing what specifically is being said or done, I’ll avoid using the word harassed for now.

OP also probably is jumping at shadows to an extent, assuming that random people who are rude or have bad attitudes are involved when they aren’t.

The largest I’ve ever seen of a coordinated harassment attempt in WoW was around ten people, but since those ten were harassing each other, I suspect any answer they were given from support would’ve taken the form of something along these lines:

“Can y’all all please shut up and leave each other the hell alone? Put each other on Ignore, FFS.”


Just for clarity, I’d like to make sure that you know that right-clicking ignore, only places them on ignore for the session.

You need to add them to you ignore list to permanently ignore them.

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I clarified the 10/day bit…possibly rotating characters. I didn’t ask Blizzard to to anything, i inquired about privacy, that was all. Assumptions again.

This gives power to the same people to blacklist individuals, which can be, is, and will be abused also.

Giving more power for people to harass others with won’t fix your harassment.

You didn’t even explain anything. Like what are they doing? Are they calling you names?


lmao they’re just getting on alts and doing it again?

Do /ignore. Turn off chat and open up your tabs with your friends elsewhere. It sucks but literally they will get burned out and leave you alone.

Plenty of streamers get harasses more than you do, proveably. You have 20 people on you whispering and making alts all day 24/7 whispering you?

Ask any streamer. They have more than 20 “fans”.

You don’t want to que into the same bg with someone you /ignored? You’re willingly participating in the same MMO as they are. You can’t just /ignore their character away.

WoW won’t do that because we can’t create separate communities. You can /ignore them and won’t deal with their harassment.

Just deal with “seeing” them stand there. Them existing isn’t harassment. Them whispering you is, but you /ignored them in the bg.

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They were referencing specific things about me, that they knew of me personally. That’s how i knew. Those are the only ones i put on ignore.

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you seem to be fixated on this, and it’s strange. it seems to me you have a super cyber stalker hounding you through multiple games, and multiple changes in those games. yet with all that, you are zeroed in on guild, and guild activity being hidden. you either need help, and another guild, or this is the most elaborate trolling thread in the history of GD.

i hope you get the help you need if it’s the former, and congrats if it’s the latter.

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Guild invites through quick join can’t be hidden, bnet activity can be hidden. If they want to join the same groups as OP, all they have to do is join the same guild and quick join. Unless there’s some way of turning that off, OP has to deal with morons using it to join groups or attempting to join groups. If OP isn’t running that group, they have no power to decline it. I thought their problem with their guild showing was relatively straightforward.


It is only within WoW I am having issues. Fixated? i’ve dealt with this for 4 months, without reporting anyone. How is that fixated? I’m just trying to find a solution. You misread/misinterpreted much of what i wrote. It’s pointless to keep explaining.