A someone who posts regularly in the Customer Support forums, I’m going to recommend against their suggestion.

Keep them on ignore. Ignore will ignore all their characters on that account, but only for the character you’re logged into. If you have multiple characters, put them on ignore on each of them.

Praetorian is correct. If you don’t have them on ignore and you reply to them in any way whatsoever, it’s no longer harassment. It’s a conversation and Blizz will not take action. You must keep them on ignore.

If this player logs into another account to message you, even once, you’ll want to open a ticket for Ongoing Harassment and do that for every attempt they make to bypass ignore.

Have a good read over the CS thread Spotlight On: Harassment. It’s a good read for a situation like this.

Also, there is absolutely no need to “document” or “screenshot” anything really. You’re welcome to for your own records, but Blizz already has all of the logs in-game. They don’t need a screenshot to see what’s being reported :wink:

If you have any other questions, feel free to pop on over to the CS forums.


Did you switch accounts or battle tag? If you didn’t switch accounts, then they would still be able to see the account.

Yeah maybe OP has one of their accounts added without knowing and it’s probably how they’re able to keep track of them so much.

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Well, there is an option that can be unchecked to not receive guild invites. or just decline (if they choose not to uncheck that option). At least with guild name hidden, it keeps others from joining that guild

There is an option to not receive guild invites or simply click ‘decline’. Not much effort, no text reply is even necessary. Why not have an option to hide guild? It’s such a simple option.

[quote=“Rhielle-sentinels, post:56, topic:500729”]
Bnet and WoW aren’t consistently compatible and became even less compatible with showing offline once Communities were introduced, along with the Quick Join feature.
[/quote] I agree.

I already explained why it’s not that simple. You’re leaving out the entire armory and guild listings and all of the other tracking and logging stuff.

And it’s still not going to solve your problem.

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i agree, since some have joined the guild i’m in already. lol. sigh…

If you can’t click on their character name for whatever reason, I would recommend putting in a ticket and explaining the circumstances.

As for hiding information about guild and such, I can’t imagine that happening. I suspect Blizzard would see that the larger community has no issue with wearing their guild name while playing and that the number of people who find it an issue would be very small by comparison. And I doubt it would really make a lot of difference with regard to your case.

Good luck with sorting out your problem, you shouldn’t have your play disrupted by harassment.

Thanks so much. Your response is appreciated.

Again to all - sorry for crappy quoting i did in some of the posts. lol.

You’d be surprised. I know someone who has a stalker from a previous abusive relationship and they’ve hacked into all their stuff. If someone is insane enough, they will find a way.

Also, a lot of your stuff from WoW is easily accessible to anyone that wants to see it… I know a lot of people here don’t think privacy is important… but.

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Thanks so much! <3

Oh yikes, yeah you are right, i just checked; i don’t know when they changed this, but they have a new policy about keeping offending/reported players in the ignore list during the ongoing incident.

And it has to be repeated by the same name, even after they got the temp ignore and then followed up with the 2nd (permament) ignore on that character name.

That’s messed up, because that system can be bypassed by just changing names… *(or can it, i’m not 100% certain if the ignore feature ignores a character name, ir the entire account that player is connected to.)

And thats exactly what’s happening to this person here in this situation, and my suggestion of screen-capturing the harassment would be the most effective way; but according to Blizzard’s rules, that would make the harassment claim deemed as “not harrasment” anymore.

Alot i do not know about the ins and out of this game…im just stating my experience. It’s confusing for me…and depressing.

This is part of the ins and outs of the game.

For someone to regularly find you to talk to you in local, /say, /shout, /general, whatever, they have to be in the same shard as you.

Its nearly impossible to regularly track a person down via their shard without getting a group/raid invite. Even if you are on the same server.


That is what i suspect. If the ignore could be applied to all their characters, that would eliminate some of the problems.

Yeah, i’m hoping this is the case and Blizzard doesn’t need screenshots, because i remember they used to have a screenshot upload option when reporting player behavior and they’d ask for screenshots, but… that was years ago. D:

*And this way also the old forum, so maybe all this changed with the new forum and website.

Hmm…well he is on multiple realms as are his ‘friends’…so it may be they are just in my realm for the nasty local comments. It happens so fast sometimes…so much scrolls through the local chat at times. I get glimpses. but since i disabled local/area chat, i don’t see it anymore. Thank you for clarifying.

I cannot help to think we are only getting 40% of the story here…


Transfer servers, you get a free name change, and it would work better than trying to get Blizzard to face your bullies for you.

I’m sorry but you sound like a coward, also what are you doing to keep their attention? There are 2 sides to this.

I stated this previously:

That isn’t the part of the story I feel is being kept out.

Things in your story aren’t typically physically possible.

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