[H][Area 52]<Exploit> Tues/Wed 1AM-4AM EST 5/10M 10/10H

Exploit (Area-52) is a late night raiding guild looking for competitive and dedicated raiders. Our goal is CE every tier. We are looking to create a fun, stable and competitive atmosphere for all of our raiders.

Raid Times:

  • Tuesdays & Wednesdays, with Thursday being an optional night
  • 1AM - 4AM EST (10PM - 1AM PST)

Current Progression

  • 5/10M - 10/10H

Recruitment Needs:

  • Melee- Ret Pally (Holy OS), DK, Havoc DH (Tank OS), Rogue, Enh Shaman, WW Monk
  • Ranged- Spriest (Healer OS), Hunter, Warlock, Balance Druid
  • Healer- H Pally

We are looking for any exceptional DPS who can also swing into heals / tank. If your spec isn’t listed here, please don’t hesitate to reach out still.

NOTE: All exceptional players will be considered regardless of role, so even if your class isn’t listed, please don’t hesitate to apply.


  • Staying up to date on your main toon
  • Attendance - 95%, and on time.
  • Open mindset - constructive crit / feedback
  • Positive attitudes - bad nights and bad weeks happen

Recruitment Contacts:

  • (Zigs) [Discord: Zigzag#3732] [Battle.net: Austin0nfire#1376]
  • (Traevyn) [Discord: Traevyn#5648] [Battle.net: Azula#11142]
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come come, we do need a few dps :slight_smile:

always looking for exceptional players!

looking to make our core stronger :slight_smile:

5/10M boys!

shameless bump

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still bumpin this

all da bumps.

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need more shamans. where the shamans be at?

still need a flex shaman for core spot

Where all my WW monks and DK’s at ??

Hey there, I’m no WW/DK but I’m a very experienced rogue (5/6 years now), got CE last patch currently 3/10M and close to 2100 IO looking for a new home since I transferred from Tichondrius. Wondering if there’s a spot for one in your guild. I believe I applied in Game for your guild already.

b u m p i n g for trials

still looking for people!

bumpity bump

SLG here we come!

Sludge down and onto SLG!
Need hunters, warlocks, and a holy paladin!

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