🦇 [H] <The Desolate Conclave> Undead Led RP/PvP/PvE Guild

Contact Info-
BNet: MikeVonFaust#1529
Discord: Benediction#2483

:bat: Guild Themes & Branches :bat:
The Desolate Conclave is a RP guild committed to securing the Forsaken’s place in Azeroth through military, diplomatic and socioeconomic means.

:skull: The Graveguard
Glory to the first man to die!” – Forsaken Humor
On the military angle we have the Graveguard. If the Deathguard could be described as the hammer of the Forsaken, then the Graveguard could be considered its scalpel. What they lack in numbers they make up for in armaments, tactics and discipline. Policing protected territory, reinforcing battlefield positions and slipping into enemy territory are all tasks common in the workday of a Graveguard.

:skull: Bureau of Diplomacy & Statecraft
Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgement.” – Emissary Goldfeather
On the diplomatic angle we have the BDS. TDC understands that amicable relations between friend and foe alike are necessary if the Forsaken are to thrive eternally in the living’s world. The BDS, staffed with both Forsaken and living allies proven loyal to TDC’s cause, ensure this through hosting everything from lavish parties to hostage negotiations.

:skull: Department of Inhuman Services
From my heart and from my hand, why don’t people understand, my intentions?” – Apothecary Boingo
On the socioeconomic angle we have the DIS. The Forsaken can do what the living cannot and the DIS aim to capitalize on unique Forsaken abilities. Whether containing an anomalous entity that’s caused autocannibalism in secluded communities, aiding sickly Horde citizens with miracle cures or conducting perilous experiments in one of TDC’s research sites – the DIS shows not only the worth of but the appeal in being undead.

:bat: RP Goals & Events :bat:
TDC’s mission statement is to create a future for the undead amongst the living. We believe this can best be accomplished through the weakening or destruction of the Alliance, the eradication of hostile organizations such as the Scarlet Onslaught and their sympathizers, the rehabilitation of the Forsaken’s public image, the normalization of undeath as a form of existence and an alternative to mortality, and verifying the exclusive and indispensable role Forsaken have to play in the future of Azeroth.

:skull: RPPVP Events
Onslaught Academy: Onslaught Academy classes drill students on the finer points of warfighting. Classes typically conclude with field exercises.

Seizure & Search: Items, data or persons vital to TDC’s interest have fallen into or are enemy hands. To correct this TDC’s personal will be dispatched to take and hold the relevant area behind enemy lines for a set time period.

Termination Order: TDC does not believe in unnecessary cruelty but we do understand that the harshest measures are sometimes required. In such cases we’ve found murdering everything that breathes, burning what can’t and then blighting it all anyway to be a thorough and effective strategy.

:skull: Social RP Events
Governor’s Ball: This event is simply an opportunity for all interested friendly parties to eat, drink and be merry at TDC’s expense.

Free Clinic: The learned apothecaries of TDC offer their services to all unwell Horde citizens free of charge. Horde citizens seeking medical or psychological advice, treatment for maladies, and simple surgeries can visit TDC’s free clinics during hours of operation.

Diplomatic Missions: Though TDC finds the Alliance to be a savage hypocrisy we do try to be better than our enemies. Diplomatic Missions are attempts at negotiating treaties, exchanges and ceasefires by TDC with Alliance organizations still capable of reason.

:skull: Roll 20 RP Events
Desolate Detective: With the war effort distracting official resources, TDC has taken it upon itself to ensure measured justice is still dealt out in Horde territory. Join TDC’s personal to investigate thefts, murders and disappearances.

Capture and Contain: Sentient warmachines, living viruses, skulls that compel people to eat their family – all of these are anomalous specimens that were captured and contained by TDC. Join TDC’s personal in rooting out, capturing and containing exciting new hostile phenomena!

Containment Breach: When dealing with anomalous specimens even the most meticulous plans can be rendered futile by unforeseeable factors. Thankfully TDC always has a contingency plan and today it’s you! Join TDC’s personal in beating back a prison break made of nightmares!

:bat: Other Guild Activities :bat:
In addition to unique TDC events we plan to have regular Mythic+ runs and Rated PVP teams. We also intend to participate with the broader ED RP community in continuing to make this server a unique and creatively fulfilling experience for everyone.

:bat: FAQs :bat:
Do you only accept Forsaken characters?
Not at all. There are two specific ranks for non-undead in TDC. Advisor, an enlisted rank for those who wish to RP as an attaché and Emissary, an officer rank, who’s responsibilities are detailed above in the BDS branch description. Additionally, Death Knights and those RPing an undead through a different race, i.e. a BElf Hunter as a Dark Ranger or NBelf Shadow Priest as a Banshee, are more than welcome.

Is TDC Evil?
We’d describe it as generally neutral. Personally I’ve a Chaotic Good Priest, Lawful Evil Monk and two toons in between that I think fit perfectly with TDC’s RP. By design we’ve tried to make TDC a place where everyone can belong in one capacity or another.

I’m new to Forsaken RP or RP in general, is TDC a good place for me?
Absolutely. We’ve a lot of experience with RP and undead RP specifically. We are more than happy to help newcomers and veterans alike in creating a fun and memorable character.

Is RP required?
Technically no. If it just sounds neat to hit a RBG or Mythic+ with an all or mostly Forsaken player group and that’s why you’re interested that’s fine with us. But the majority of planned activity is RP related so if that doesn’t interest you whatsoever then there’s probably different guilds you’d enjoy more.

Outside of RP, what’s TDC’s main focus?
Whatever the guild’s player base shows the most interest in, really. Personally as GM I enjoy PVP the most in terms of gameplay and will push for that. But I’m becoming PvE literate as of late and will work to create whatever content the guild most desires.

What is TDC’s opinion on The Banshee Queen?
Complicated. Many of TDC’s leaders are first generation Forsaken and were liberated from Scourge slavery by the Dark Lady’s rebellion. As thus she has the respect and loyalty of many of TDC’s personal. With that being said Slyvanas Windrunner is ███████████████████████████████████ ██████████████████████████████████████████████████ ████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ the rightful Warchief of the Horde, the command of which TDC will always respect.


Dark lady watch over you



Beware the living!


:bat: Addendum 1 - Desolate Dress Code :bat:

For ease of recognition by commanders in the field and citizens in need all on duty TDC personal are to adorn themselves with an appropriate uniform and bring with them approved transportation. Beyond the color coordination statute, the specifics of an individual’s attire are left to their discretion. Any expenses made out of pocket by TDC personal for complying with this statue will be refunded by the Council of Governors upon providing an invoice. TDC personal unable or unwilling to comply with the color coordination statute may apply for a variance.

Advisors and Emissaries are not beholden to the color coordination statute. However, it is strongly suggested they wear the colors of whatever allied organization they represent within TDC.

If you’re short on gold take a screenshot of the transmog and/or mount costs and we’ll cover it. Additionally, we’re not going to be tyrants about imaginary dress codes so if this is really cramping your style, that’s fine. But we do believe the effect of a cohesive looking force will be worth the sacrifice so it’d be appreciated if you at least gave it a shot.

:skull: Option 1

Black or Purple regalia with TDC’s tabard.
Skeletal Warhorse with purple or blue caparison.

((Purple Skeletal Warhorse, Forsaken Warhorse, Rivendare’s Deathcharger, Netherlord’s Accursed Wrathsteed or Black Bonesteed))

:skull: Option 2

Black or Blue regalia with the Undercity’s tabard.
Skeletal Warhorse with purple or blue caparison.

((Purple Skeletal Warhorse, Forsaken Warhorse, Rivendare’s Deathcharger or Vicious Skeletal Warhorse))

:skull: Option 3

Black, Brown or Red regalia with the Orgrimmar or Honorbound tabard.
Skeletal Warhorse with red caparison.

((Red Skeletal Warhorse, Ochre Skeletal Warhorse, Netherlord’s Brimstone Wrathsteed, Headless Horseman’s Mount / Fiery Warhorse, Crimson Deathcharger or Midnight))

:skull: Option 4

Black or Green regalia with the Defiler’s tabard
Skeletal Warhorse with green caparison.

((Green Skeletal Warhorse or Netherlord’s Chaotic Wrathsteed))

:skull: Option 5

Black, White or Gold regalia with the Argent Dawn, Argent Crusade or Argent Crusader’s tabard
Skeletal Warhorse with white caparison.

((White Skeletal Warhorse or White Bonesteed))

:skull: Universally Approved Transportation

  • Invincible
  • Acherus Deathcharger
  • Winged Steed of the Ebon Blade
  • Spectral Wolf
  • Spirit of Eche’ro
  • Fossilized Raptor
  • Tomb Stalker
  • Bloodfang Cocoon
  • Shackled Ur’zul
  • Ratstallion
  • Meat Wagon
  • All Undead Drake mounts
  • All Bat mounts

:bat:Addendum 2 – Desolate Dossier:bat:

Groups of Interest I - Azeroth Third Parties

:skull:The Argent Dawn

While TDC’s ardent loyalty to the Horde precludes us from giving or receiving aid from the Argent Dawn in official capacity we do otherwise enjoy amicable relations. Additionally, TDC has been permitted to host diplomatic dialogues with Alliance organizations at Light’s Hope Chapel.

:skull:The Cenarion Circle

Recent events have frustrated cooperative efforts with organizations largely staffed with Kaldorei. To avoid this bias BDS interacts with the Cenarion Circle via living Emissaries or through other organizations.

:skull:The Earthern Ring

While certain members of the Earthern Ring remain skeptical of TDC’s intentions we have none the less established a tolerable working relationship. DIS’s Apothecaries have set up a permanent residence around the World Wound and experiment under Earthern Ring supervision.

:skull:Steamwheedle Cartel

While TDC tends to rely on the Swiftsilver Cartel for cases requiring Goblin ingenuity we do wish to maintain a healthy standing with Steamwheedle for the easy movement of goods and services. Starting a gunfight in one of their towns over a card game would be an example of prohibited conduct.

Sneaky rat bastard wassa’ cheat I was doin’ ‘em a favor. – From the Desk of High Executor Creed, dictated not read

:skull:The Dragonflights

At present TDC has no formal relationship with any of the dragon broods. Certain researchers suggest locating or creating a sapient Forsaken wyrm for diplomacy with the Broods. Experiments are currently pending approval.

:skull:Cult of the Damned & Scourge Remnants

A standing C&C order is in effect for all Cult of the Damned and Scourge Remnants with few exceptions. Cultists who surrender to TDC personal may be granted amnesty in exchange for strictly monitored employment under certain circumstances. Lethal force is authorized for all Cultists that resist TDC detainment.

:skull:Twilight Hammer

A standing TO is in effect for all Twilight Hammer fanatics found operating in Horde territory. Those located in Alliance occupied areas are to be noted and monitored.

:skull:Scarlet Onslaught

TDC operatives are obliged to use lethal force with extreme prejudice and enthusiasm for all Scarlet Onslaught personal, ex members or confirmed sympathizers

Quick note,

Presently TDC’s Free Clinic RPs are scheduled for Wednesdays, starting at 8pm server time. Typically atop the Gates of Orgrimmar but the location may be subject to change.

Additionally Onslaught Academy’s field exercises are now open to all Horde players. The exercises may take the form of a BG, RBG or WPVP excursion depending on the number of players in attendance / gear levels at play.

Be sure to check the Horde RP Calendar for any updates or changes to TDC Events!

:bat:Addendum 3 – Desolate Direction:bat:

How to Play 1 – Capture & Contain

Capture & Contain is a /roll 20 RP event based around capturing and containing anomalous specimens. C&C pits players against an AS#, as seen in the RAS Report & Desolate Disclosure sections of the Redwood Times. C&C requires a minimum of 2 players – the capturer(s) and the Game Master. The GM will both set the scene for the players and play the role of the AS# or other NPCs pertinent to the proceedings.

:skull:What’s /Roll 20?

/Roll 20 refers to an in-game command. If you type /roll 20, a number between 1 and 20 will be randomly generated. The same is true for /roll 5, /roll 10, /roll 50 etc. In /roll 20 RP events, the success or failure of an action depends on the player’s role. For example, if you wished to attack an AS#, you’d type /roll 20. The GM would then /roll 20 for the AS#’s defense. Whoever’s number was higher would then determine which action was successful. At the top of the first round the players and GM all /roll 20 for initiative. This number determines who’s turn is when in descending order from the highest number. Duplicate numbers require a reroll.

In /roll 20 combat events both the players and monster have Health Points. How many either have is typically dependent on how many players there are and how long everyone would like the game to take. Players reduced to 0 HP are rendered unconscious but may be revived by allies. A monster reduced to 0 HP is typically defeated. /Roll 20s that land on a 20 are considered critical successes and automatically succeed or do increased damage / healing depending on the nature of the action. /Roll 20s that land on a 1 are considered critical failures and may have negative consequences for the roller depending on the nature of their action.

:skull:Sanity Effects

The eldritch nature of AS#s can shake even the most stoic soldier to their core. This is mechanically represented in game through Sanity Points and the conditions losing them inflict. Sanity Points function similarly to HP in that you’ve a set amount and they may be reduced by the AS#’s successful actions. However, when reduced to 0 SP you are not rendered unconscious but must instead /roll 5. The number you land on determines the effect. Your sanity points are returned to max after the duration of the effect.

1 Terrified – Your mother lied; monsters are very real! Your character becomes terrified of the AS#. A /roll 5 penalty to your character’s offensive actions are suffered for /roll 3 turns.

2 Paranoia – They’re all out to get you! Your character loses trust in their comrades and cannot be aided by any other player’s action for /roll 3 turns.

3 Hopeless – This is the doom of us all! Your character becomes resigned to defeat. A /roll 5 penalty to your character’s defensive actions are suffered for /roll 3 turns.

4 Selfish – Every man for himself! Your character disregards his comrades and cannot make an aiding action to any other player for /roll 3 turns.

5 Courage – Light shines brightest in the dark! Your character stands firm against the beast. A /roll 5 bonus to all actions are enjoyed for /roll 3 turns.

Governor’s Note: This game should be more or less considered to be in Beta Testing. I hope to have an event started soon but what works on paper and what works in the field may prove drastically different. So stay tuned for any updates or changes to the basics!

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This was originally it’s own post made before this one. But in retrospect I feel like it belongs here as an unofficial addendum.

Quick Update,

As of now we’re hosting TDC Free Clinic on Thursday evenings and Onslaught Academy on Tuesday evenings.

A Desolate Direction Addendum detailing what precisely those things are if the quick summary isn’t doing that for you is in the works.

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For those interested we intend to play test certain C&C elements this evening. Eventually more status effects and conditions will be added but until the core concept is proven viable and most importantly, fun, it’ll be kept pretty simple.

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Looking forward to attending your events when I get back!


:bat:Addendum 4 – Desolate Direction:bat:

What Is? – The Desolate Clinic

The Desolate Clinic is a social RP wherein the DIS’s learned apothecaries offer free medical aid to all citizens of the Horde. Typically held at the infirmary atop the Gates of Orgrimmar on Thursday evenings. Be sure to check the Horde RP Calendar for any changes to location or time.

Patients are treated in order of arrival and are given a standard medical evaluation unless attention to a severe or chronic issue is raised. This is of course your character we’re examining and we do not wish to godmode, so it is preferable if you’ve some direction for us to go off of. Perhaps your toon has an adverse allergy to interdimensional food brought over by the Mag’Har or has recently become the owner of a haunted trinket and needs some advice on dealing with the ghost currently residing in their skull. If you simply want a clean bill of health that’s also perfectly acceptable.

If given no guidance our apothecaries will make something up on the spot. The tone of The Desolate Clinic is intended to be somewhat whacky and comedic so you shouldn’t expect any harrowing diagnosis. The mission statement of this and indeed all our RPs is to create a fun, unique and memorable experience so if we do accidentally breach your comfort zone please do not hesitate to inform us so we may rewind the RP and try something else. Additionally, like all of our RPs, The Desolate Clinic follows a continuity so unless instructed otherwise your character’s condition will be logged and the efficacy of our treatments will be inquired about should they arrive at the Clinic again.


Good group of people, can’t wait for the events.

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:bat:Addendum 5 – Desolate Direction:bat:

What Is? – Onslaught Academy

Named after the Forsaken Commander who heroically held the line during the Worgen War, Onslaught Academy exists to instruct Horde enlistees on the finer points of warfighting. Typically held on Tuesday evenings atop the Valley of Honor’s Gates, several classes exist for newcomers and veterans alike. Those just looking for an excuse to do their part against the Blue Devil are also welcome.


:skull:Discord – You don’t need a mic but coordinated PVP can be difficult to organize even under the best conditions. It becomes Sisyphean without clear communication. If for some reason this is impossible please alert the acting Instructor of this problem ahead of time and we will attempt to conceive of a solution.

:skull:Decent Attitude – This is a learning environment. Failure is not only possible, it’s likely and indeed necessary if one wishes to improve which is the point of this whole affair. Passion and a thirst for victory are pluses but if you start harassing your classmates or declare the whole exercise doomed after one harsh defeat then you will be asked to leave.

Class Levels

:skull:Cadaver – Class Size: 5

For those new or returning to PVP. The Cadaver course predominantly focuses on the basics such as focus targeting, basic PVP strategy and maximizing your class & spec’s potential. Field Exercises are unrated Battlegrounds.

:skull:Corpsemaker – Class Size: 5 – 10

For those experienced with PVP. The Corpsemaker course focuses on coordinated CC, advanced PVP strategy (such as remaining coordinated in smaller groups while part of a larger operation) and experimental tactics. Field Exercises include unrated Battlegrounds, rated Battlegrounds and WPVP.

:skull:Lionslayer – Class Size: 5 – 30

For those who’ve completed the previous classes we’ve the Lionslayer course. Consider this your final exam, and what better testing environment than the bloodied battlefield? Lionslayer is itself a field exercise within an Alliance capital city. Specific details can obviously not be made public.

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The Desolate Clinic resumes this week on Thursday! Onslaught Academy on Tuesday at regularly scheduled time.


Unofficial Addendum

Unofficial Themes for TDC’s branches

The Graveguard

The Bureau of Diplomacy & Statecraft

The Department of Inhuman Services

These aren’t supposed to be anthems but more songs that I think capture the vibe of their activites.

… Boy it’s getting obvious I’m running out of ideas for these glorified bumps aint it?

I do like me some Metroid Prime

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Do you have a passion for and skill with PVE? Know your way around Mythic+ encounters? Then please contact an officer of The Desolate Conclave as we are seeking a PVE coordinator!

Rewards for this position as it stands will be the greatest prize of all - my friendship. I’m told I’m a pretty cool dude.

Capture & Contain Thursday Night @8pm!

Located at Zoram’Gar Outpost. This is a /roll 20 event so the only requirement is being able to get there.

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