(H-RP) The Skyrunner Tribe- Disbanded

For generations, the Skyrunner tribe has made their home in the vast wastes of Desolace. Seeking not only to atone for the sins of their ancestors but also to restore the land to its once former glory and life. With the violent death of the former Chieftain and many of the Tribe’s most skilled fliers the new Chieftain, Kanatu, is left to rebuild this ancient tribe into a new age. Establishing wide-scale nomadic movements, connecting with the other races of the Horde and Azeroth, and committing to the protection of Azeroth, not just Desolace. Such things are not easy and Kanatu has called out for aid in this new vision, not only from other Tauren but any member of the Horde wishing to uphold the values and vision of his ancient people.

Guild Themes
This guild is first and foremost a Tauren guild. You can expect a lot of spiritualistic RP centered on the values of the Tauren, a lot of civilian tribe RP going on most of the time and a ton of flinging totems and horns in combat. We are also a semi-nomadic group focused on the niche aspect of Flight, flying combat, and wyverns. That being said we are also a Horde guild. We do allow members of Horde races to join (a new development in the IC history of the Tribe) and we participate in the general Horde storyline within the World of Warcraft. We celebrate the mishmashed themes of Family within the Horde.

We also focus on elements of Realism. While a fantasy setting with dragons that can shoot magic out of their faces and raptors that can build space ships we ground our RP in the realism of the world. World Building is a huge part of generating stories. By implementing real-world concepts such as the need for sleep, weather making it too dangerous to fly, travel time, political conflicts trickling down to the masses, and even real character responses to events we hope to ground our stories into a more realistic setting as well as generate interesting stories and character moments. This guild is designed to provide deep and lasting RP stories with those that are involved. Our stories are long and complex. Our character development is deep and intended to interact with multiple characters just as our own character development does.

Flight is a huge aspect of the IC themes of the Tribe. We fully embrace the idea of flying, flying combat, and the deep bond created between a rider and their wyvern. The culture of the tribe from the goods it sells to bring in gold to the Rites and Rituals we perform revolve around the mighty wyvern. We do require that members use wyvern mounts (or their druidic flight form if desired) unless there is a very special IC reason for another flying mount to be used.


  • Campaign Events: Monday and Wednesday at 7pm Server
    We are more than willing to work with you if you cannot make a campaign event to come up with an IC reason that doesn’t punish your character aside.
  • Multiple RP events during the week including member-run events
  • Mythic Dungeons and Mog/Achievement runs

OOC Culture
OOCly the guild is limited to Adults only, 18+. This is due not only to the nature of some of our stories which do involve aspects such as mental illness, violence, old god influence, addiction, and so on; but also due to our OOC content. The content of our discourse isn’t always suitable for minors/families. Having an older group also means that we understand when life simply happens and we endeavor to be respectful to one another and the community at large.

Other things we offer
:game_die: A homebrew D20 System that integrates your character and the flight themes of the guild to bring out the uniqueness of your character.
:trophy: The guild’s design is to tell great stories. Our members are key to that end goal so we encourage our members to come forward with story ideas, character plots, and event ideas.
:globe_with_meridians: While not a large group we do encourage others to participate in the game itself. We have progression and help others with Mythic Dungeons as well as general community nights of Transmog Runs or Achievements.

Recruitment is Currently Closed
What are we looking for?

  • Willingness from members to participate, learn, add, get creative, and develop.
  • Relatively good spelling and grammar. While we aren’t insane about it and in the quicky typing that happens during RP we understand mistakes are often made, but we do ask that members be able to communicate effectively.
  • Active Participation. This guild functions on the lifeblood of its members.

Requirements for Joining

  • We don’t require an application but upon joining you will be asked a few questions and then prompted to do an IC intro for your character to get them involved in the story.
  • Discord is a necessary part of how we run the guild. No member is required to talk in voice or participate in the OOC chats if they don’t want but we do use it for announcements, rp updates, and for DMs to call out during Dice Based Events.
  • DiceMaster is an addon that we use to really bring our RP to life with an integrated and home brew D20 system.

Yall sound awesome! I look forward to rping with you and your future kinsmen :smiley:

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You guys sound great. Really like the direction of this guild. Hope our guilds can cross paths soon.

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I like the theme of atoning for their sins. Might be weird but I see a lot of Tauren taking moral highgrounds of them never having done wrong. It’s cool to see otherwise.

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I am looking forward to the stories we will write in this guild! The idea of deep character development within the guild’s storyline is exciting.

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I’ve gone ahead and updated the thread with our website. It’s still a work in progress but the major things are there to take a look at.


It’s really encouraging to see all the new people we got yesterday. Thank you to the people who’ve so far been supportive.


Great group of people. I look forward to roleplaying alongside the lot of ya’!

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Created this character on Horde side as I’ve been playing Alliance mainly, and joined this guild. Great group of very welcoming people. Come have a peak if you’re interested in being part of a friendly group of players with a dedicated guild leader.


I’ll definitely consider this guild next week when I’m able to play again. It sounds like fun


Would love to have you on board! We’re still in pre-recruitment for the next bit. Want to make sure everyone who joins as a founding member has ample opportunity to work together and build a strong foundation. Feel free to join the Discord in the mean time if you like!

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I just joined yesterday and I am super excited to get things moving!


It’s been an exciting few days for the Tribe. We have gained a few solid members that really have a creative dedication and we’re all excited to go live. We will be keeping Pre-Recruitment open for the duration of this week so anyone that wants to join up as a founding member don’t be shy!

May I join. I got an Orc who chops tree’s down a goblin who installs derelict oil rigs all over , and a foresaken blighter who poisons everything in the name of RP ?

Figured I would ask first since you mentioned " uphold the values and vision of your ancient people " !

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You guys sound amazing! Would love to RP with sometime in the future ^^ keep rockin’!

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Thanks for the encouragement Taina. I hope that we’ll be able to rp sometime as well!

These all sound like pretty interesting characters honestly. We’re open to working with you to find ways of integrating your character with the tribe’s history or as a fresh start. There are a lot of great stories that come from interactions with characters that are not exactly aligned with your own. Plus you can always look at joining as an Ally to the tribe to open up a wider range of stories.

Feel free to join the discord if you like and we can talk more about what you had in mind.

Supportive bump.

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OOC Update
I am happy to announce that the guild is in full launch and open recruitment! The thread has been updated with the new necessary information.

The guild website has also seen most of the final touches on it. Though there is still a ton of information to fill in as far as histories and other flavor texts the basis is there to explore and comment on!

IC Update
Kanatu has returned from his Spirit Walk to seek council with the Ancestors after the death of his father and most of the tribe. His daughter, Kuoku was in charge while he was away and helped to facilitate the first steps in rebuilding the village from the attack. There is still much to rebuild as the renegade Keldorei that ransacked the tribe’s property stole anything of value such as food, ore and leather stockpiles, and spare weapons.

With his return, Kanatu brought back a number of individuals to aid the Tribe including Grutuk Steelfur, a notable Highmountain Blacksmith, and Enyetof Stormstride, a powerful druid. This influx of those not born within the Tribe is a point of contention within the tribe as some claim it goes against all tradition while others assert that it is time for the Tribe to join the greater ranks of the Horde and embrace change or die out.

Wal’ami, a long-standing friend to the tribe recently was raised to the rank of Sky-Reaver after fulfilling her Rite of the Elements. With this new title and position, she continues her search for those that attacked the tribe. Justice must be paid in kind to those that attacked the Skyrunner Tribe.

Character Promotions and New Arrivals
Wal’ami- Became a Sky-Reaver
Grutuk Steelfur- Became a Tribesman
Kuoku Skyrunner
Pumat Bloodtotem
Okunn Bloodtotem
Enyetof Stormstride


This looks really great ^^

I rerolled my Tauren from a different server not too long ago and have kept an eye out for a community that aligns with Tauren. I’m wondering what sort of requirements you have for members; specially in terms of level?

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For levels we don’t have any requirements. We’re happy taking any levelers and try our best not to let members die in zones they are too low level for lol.

As for other requirements it’s listed in the post above but mostly we are looking for people who will actively be adding to and participating in story.