[H] <Revered with Death> (Thrall) What's your end game?

About Us:

Revered with Death is a community focused guild, we strive for the camaraderie of the guilds of old. For many here, it’s not about AOTC, CE, or Keystone master, it’s about having a place to hang out where you can enjoy the content at your own pace.

We are a casual guild, very alt friendly guild. We raid casually, we run keys casually, pretty well everything we do is casual. We are mostly a group of 35+ that have a lot going on in RL, and understand that not everyone can play 24/7 due to other commitments.

Revered with Death was founded in 2016, and is run by a wife and husband team Tillae and Furshift. Furshift has been playing since day one of WoW, and Tillae has been playing since WotLK.

We are a guild better suited for people over 35, while we get a little salty at times with our friends here, we do our best to remain respectful of all members.

I like to think of the Four Agreements as a reference to how things roll: 1. Be Impeccable With Your Word 2. Don’t Take Anything Personally 3. Don’t Make Assumptions 4. Always Do Your Best.

And most importantly……the guild Motto…… Play what you want, and have fun doing it!!:

Discord used for communication needs, while it is not a requirement to join the guild channel, we do a LOT of communication about raids, events, etc., through discord.

What We Expect from You:

There is always the expectation to act as an adult, and be respectful to all guild members.

Drama is an absolute no. We do not tolerate any members that create drama.

You accept people for who they are and what they believe in.

Keep political and religious talk out of the game.

If you are looking for a community that actively pushes and pursues high end content this is not the guild for you. We are a friend and family focused guild.

We don’t do guild tryouts, so if you are interested in joining a guild that is in this game for more than just the gear, try us out.

If you would like to give us a shot, find us in the in game Guild Finder. Tell us, “Saw you on the interwebs!!!” for your application to be approved. EASY PEASY LEMON CHEESY! :smiley:

Got some great recruits! Come join the fun as we all learn to work together as a raid team! Or just come on board for the community!!

Had some nice relaxing raiding last weekend! Come on along!

Having some fun running new members through keys! Are they high keys?? Well…no…but a 4 isn’t THAT terrible. :slight_smile:

So I was working on a post, then I saw yours and thought it would be better to put this here as an introduction instead!

TL;DR - Triple distilled, 34 year old Active Duty military member with a smoky finish seeks guild with like-minded working professionals with fluid work schedules that chose to treat WoW as an escape from their job rather than a second job.


  • Military, solo-player
  • BattleTag: SneakyTurtle#1134817


  • Current BELF Demon Hunter main in BfA (Icharus)
  • Troll Resto Druid main for all of Wrath and Legion (skipped MoP & WoD)
  • Troll Survival Hunter in BC when CC was king and carrying your own ammo was cool.
  • Been Horde since day one and would greatly prefer to keep it that way, but Iam reluctantly open to the idea of changing. Maybe.

When & Where

  • Currently on US Alterac Mountains, but willing to change as necessary.
  • I aim to play roughly 3 times a week from 1800-2000 CST as well as a good chunk of Saturday.


  • I’ve been a solo player for pretty much my entire time on WoW. My previous career as a public school teacher and current career in the military require a lot of focus and time, so it’s been difficult to create a lasting social network in-game. I am looking to take a more active approach to changing that.
  • I’ve healed for a long time and am interested in getting into tanking, but preferably with some in-game friends instead of PUG’s.
  • I’m here first for the lore (being involved since the first RTS game) but after I’m caught up with each patch, I tend to do BG’s, achievements, and mount/xmog collections. It would be very satisfying to actually achieve something greater with a team, rather than poke around by myself and hope for the best.

Hopefully, there is a guild (or just some other individuals) out there in a similar situation with a strong team mentality that might have a place for me in their roster. Thanks for taking a moment to check this post out and I hope we can help each other out!

Hey Icharus! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, been a heck of a week! I’ll shoot you a bnet, I would love to talk more. And don’t you dare join the dark side! :wink:


I am a 32 year old scientist at a US national laboratory, a father, a husband, and a gym enthusiast (see name :wink: :muscle:).

If you have room for a warlock, I’d be happy to tag along and get to know you guys.

Btag: #YUGE11620 (note I’ve had this tag–as a gym reference–LONG before orange tans became synonymous with the phrase. I consider myself a centrist.)

Hey Swolenormous! Sorry I have taken so long to get back to you. Seems my concept of time passing is slipping. Bnet sent! Look forward to chatting with you!!! AND WE LOVE CANDY!!!

Not on Thrall but want to partake in the fun anyhow? Join our community! Shoot me a bnet and I’ll send a link! Tillae#11212

So yeah Crucible…

Looking for some DPS with healer offspec that can switch easily if needed.

Give us a shout!

Still having a blast raiding here at Revered with Death! Some fun achievement hunting going on also! Next up For the Horde! https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=619/for-the-horde Come join the fun!

WE GOT OUR BLACK WAR BEAR MOUNT! Holy crap was that a ton of fun! Check us out! We might be fighting the attendance boss for raids, but we’re still pushing on!

Excited about Eternal Palace! Looking for raiders that can attend raids consistently!

Looking for some ranged to help balance our melee in Eternal Palace!

Hey everyone, we are looking for more people to join us for raiding! So if you are interested in what we have to offer as a guild post on this page for more info!

I just KNOW there are some people out there that are excited about a fresh H push into Eternal Palace! Come join a really great group of people as we bash away at pixelated bosses!

Quite excited to start our heroic progression this weekend! No we aren’t turtles, just a little slower paced!

LFR can be fun…if your guild takes it over. PULL ALL THE THINGS! Check us out!

Having fun running last minute keys before rest! Check us out!

Are we Exalted with Death yet?! Nope, still Revered, pushing our way through Heroic EP…slow & steady. Check us out!