H <Irrational Decision> LFM 7/9H 1/9M

Irrational Decision (2/8M - 7/9H, 1/9M) is currently recruiting committed and dedicated players for our Mythic raid team, to fill out our roster for BoD and beyond.

We are currently looking for 390+ raiders of the following classes:
Priest - S. Priest HIGH PRIORITY

If you dont see your class, dont be discouraged! Everyone is welcome to come check us out!
Anyone with heal/tank os are greatly appreciated and encouraged to come trial with us!

Our raid times are Friday and Saturday nights, 12am-3am.
We also have an optional Thursday night raid (same times), that we use to reclear lower difficulty content in the current tier.

We will also happily accept casual players of any class/spec who just want a place to call home, or to do M+ and pvp in.

We have a pretty relaxed and fun environment, and all are welcome. We can be a little crass and dark at times with our humor, so if you are easily offended, we may not be a good place for you to call home.
A lot of us are married and have children, so we absolutely understand real life will always come first.

If you are interested in joining our humble home, or have any more questions, please respond to this post or add Tylundja#1385
We look forward to hearing from you!

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cool story

Much nice, very cool

still looking for more players :slight_smile:

I need more homies, come join up!

To the top, up, up, up!

still on the hunt for new pals! come join the fun :smiley:

Hi there :slight_smile:

hoping for players to return for the new content, hit us up if interested.

We are at about 18 members for our raid roster, could use more; Tank with dps, Hunter (we have 0), warlock, ret

Still looking!

still looking for some ranged dps to fill out our roster!

A warlock would be nice

Bumpity bump!

7/9N down! starting heroic prog next friday! really need some more rdps to flesh out our roster! <3

Looking for more sexy dps friends :wink:

starting our heroic prog tomorrow night at midnight! looking for some sweet rdps to help us get things dead!

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/y You got carried!

DH LF Guild

bumpy bump bump!