[H] [Illidan] < Inferno > 1/10 M 8/10H is recruiting!

Inferno is a guild founded on the idea of more casual hours for raiding while building up the overall skill of everyone to getting cutting edge every raid tier. The GM/Raid leader has past experience of being US top 100 in BFA.

We are currently looking to expand and solidify our raid roster for mythic progression.

If you’re hungry for faster progress and a friendly environment this is the place for you. If you’re looking for shorter raid nights and a more relaxed but serious raid environment, this is your home. We are building a community that strives for greatness while treating each other as friends.

We raid from 9-11pm Central, Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday

Please contact us if you’re interested and we will get together and figure out if you’re the right fit for the team.

Discord - Snug#4513
Battletag - Snug#11682

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tks still recruiting!

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Still recruiting!

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229 guardian druid here. Not sure what exactly you are recruiting for. Trying to find a home willing to xfer/faction change. Cant seem to find a guild that will stay together longer than a tier.
Btag - Ninja#1866
Disc - Ninja#4450

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Still looking for raiders!