Area 52 Horde! 237 rogue, 238 destro and 3 others LF guild!

Hey all, Group of 5 dps long time friends dedicated to playing and improving in wow in a casual yet semi serious enivroment where there is a clear Raid leader and not just a bunch of crowded comms. We want to push for CE not saying it’s a must but mythic progression is desired. Best days for us are weekday evenings (except for Wednesday)
Add me on discord if we sound like a fit

238 Destro lock, 237 assassination rogue, 237 feral Druid, 233 ret pally, 233 unholy DK


How would you feel about transferring to illidan?

Heya, if CE is not a must I think you guys may fit right into our guild on area 52,

Feel free to message me in game

Hey man,

I’m Zak from on Area52. We’re an AOTC guild that is looking for some peeps to raid with - many of us are also KSM, so we enjoy M+. We’re not exactly looking to push for CE, but if you want to come till you out scale heroic or to do some keys with everyone, that’d be great!

Add me on discord: zak#6881 :slight_smile:

bump once again we are still looking.