[H] 234 7/10H Enhance Shaman

Hey there, recruiters.

I am looking for a new Horde raid. I have several relatively geared dps toons–primarily melee-- of varying item levels. Due to this flexibility, I am not committing to a single character right now but rather offering any potential new home the luxury of picking from them.

A little bit about me:
I’m 29. Been raiding a long time. Extensive raid history across toons is available upon request, but the long and short is, I’ve raided since classic (Including Classic Naxx and server first kills of Will of the Emperor and Lei Shen Heroic.) I’ve also raid led, so I understand that side of the field, too. In these almost 2 decades of raiding I’ve learned two valuable lessons–no one is irreplaceable, and you can always improve. I keep these close to heart and take my performance very seriously. I will not promise you a perfect player or a top 100 parser, but in general I am a strong 70th+ percentile parser, depending on how badly fight mechanics focus me. I am also fairly flexible given my time playing and can do okay on most classes–more on this in a moment.

About You
So here’s what I’m after: A Horde Guild. Ideally casually hardcore. I don’t want or need the crippling anxiety of the server first chase anymore, but I’m not ready to rot in normals or be content with AoTC. Timezones are flexible–I am EST. I can swing anything from EST to PST. Ideally not an insane 5 day a week schedule. 2 or 3 are my sweet spot. A mature and laid back atmosphere–I’m an adult, I don’t have time for teenager drama anymore. I’d also ideally like a group that runs m+ and stuff because if you’re waiting on gear from the raid, that’s not happening . My ideal raid days are Thurs/Friday (so I can still help my current guild)but I will consider any other days.

Okay so what classes?
My current reasonably kitted out toons are a Enhance shaman, a Havoc DH, and a Mage. I am working on a rogue out of preference, but I can also quickly gear a DK, Windwalker, Destro Lock, Ret Paladin, or Hunter.

I need to stress, I do not typically enjoy caster dps because I tend to overreact to mechanics and screw my parses. It is a weakness I openly admit to possessing.

Were I left to my preference, I would lean towards the rogue or hunter. I am pretty adamantly against healing and tanking.

Think this is all I really need to say, for now. So, the water’s been chummed recruiters!

Sounds like you could be a good fit for us and we’re actually looking for a solid enhance shaman currently if you’re interested. Check with our recruitment officer the info is in this link

Heya, I’m part of Balanced on Tichondrius. CE last tier on a mostly two night schedule, currently 1/10M 9/10H. If that interests you at all, shoot me an add on bnet jayc#11573!

edit: accidentally posted on an Alliance char for some reason but we’re Horde.

Hi, we’re a casual hardcore guild pushing for CE at a moderate pace. 6/10M in CN and 1/10M now.

We’re looking for an additional darkness i mean demon hunter for our mythic prog. If blowing up the boss and timing a 5 minute raid cooldown sounds like your jam, come and chill with us. The atmosphere is laid back, our raiders are fairly internal but in the heat of the pull is when everyone’s personality begins to shine. We have several m+ tanks as well in guild who love to run with guildies but don’t need to raid.

So anyway, hope you find your match here’s my discord if you want to talk. gore#5237
the guild name is Omelette Du Fromage on Kil’jaeden.