226 Class/Spec: Enhance shaman

Class/Spec: Enhance shaman
Faction: Alliance atm
Cleared: 10/10H CN,
Btag: Truth#11644
Logs: sadly do not have any
Armory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/us/illidan/ßloodlust
Availability: Tues /Wed/Thur/ possible Fri And Sat
Also, I’m just coming back to the game since February i have been back for about 2 weeks
looking to find a decent place to call home and raid and hopefully dabble into mythic after aotc willing to x-fer for the right fit

Hello Darkheart,

Chads on Top was a mid patch formed guild that completed AOTC in CN. We’re looking to complete AOTC in 9.1 as well as push mythic raiding. Raiding on Tues/Wed 830PM EST - 11PM.

We are currently 10/10N and 4/10H

We’re a laid back raid environment as long as we’re downing content.

We provide raid supplies as well as repairs.

If you’re interested add me on Bnet or Discord!

Btag: SameClothes#1571

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what server are you on?

Bleeding hollow horde!

Hey bud we are an AoTC / casual mythic raid team looking for an Enhance shaman to bolster our team we raid Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 8pm to 11pm est we are on Zul’jin US horde if your interested you can reach me at Sig#9905 on discord or Sig# 11142 on bnet


We think you might be a great fit for us!

Hey there!

Grimfrost on Emerald Dream (Alliance) is looking for an enhance shaman and a few range dps to fill out our main raiding roster. We were 10/10H CN and 3/10M, and are currently 10/10 N and 4/10 H SoD. Our raid nights are weds/thurs 8:30-11:30 EST. After forming in early 2020 and achieving AOTC in both Ny’alotha and Castle Nathria, we now have our goals set on CE for SoD and every tier moving forward.

We’re a close-knit group with an active discord and always have people looking for groups for mythic plus if you’re into that sort of thing too.

If we seem like we’d be a good fit for you, send me a message!
Discord: Tigel#8054
In Game: Tigels-Emerald Dream

Hello would love to add an enhance shaman to our team as this spot wont stay open long, Goosefraba#3619 is my discord name we are Alliance 1/10M 8/10H. Hope to hear from you

JUST made the switch to horde…

bump it up now :stuck_out_tongue:

no love for enhance shamans no more

Hi there,

If you’re able to do Sunday raids, Ibyish Clan might be the guild for you! We’re a long-standing casual guild on the Garona/Icecrown/Malygos server, and we’re currently looking for a few more reliable raiders to fill out our roster for 9.1. We’re pretty laid back, and like to have fun (but also like to get things done in-game). We raid Wed/Sun from 8:30-10:30 EST, and do mythic+ on our off nights. We aim for AOTC each tier.

If this sounds like the guild for you, I’d love to chat! My bnet is Riv#1381, or, if you prefer, discord is Shumai#2078. Thanks, and I hope to hear from you soon!

Hey Darkheart!

Spiteful Misfits on Area 52 (H) is looking for a dps player who also could off heal in a pinch.
I’m not sure if that is something you would be interested in talking to me more about.

We raid Wed / Thurs 9pm-11pm est. , We also run lots of M+ together and prefer to do content as a guild rather than alone.

If this sounds like something that interests you please reach out to me.

Rhawin (Bnet: Bluejay#1886; Discord: Rhawin (Jay)#5483)

Hey Darkheart!

MGB (10/10 SoD, 4/10 H SoD) sounds like it could be a good fit for you. Even if you’re not on the server you could join the guild on a fresh alt to see if you mesh with the general vibe. We have a large social community and the more the merrier. We also have a smaller group that is more focused on pushing M+/PvP/Raids as well. In 9.0 I was 7/10M (https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/tanaris/darenas), KSM, and 2100+ PvP and am happy to help anyone improve if they are interested.

We are bolstering our progression raiding team and welcoming new trials. Our raiding goals are to grow our team, get AoTC as soon as possible, and take down all the Mythic bosses we can. Off-meta specs and covenants are welcome if you can play them well.

Discord: Deadlift#4338
BTag: Deadlift#1353

Raid Schedule: (6 hours/week)

Wed & Fri - 8:30-11:30 PM Eastern (5:30-8:30 PM Pacific)

Sent you a btag request as Anjinn so we can chat!

Im from a guild on stormrage called Herald of nightmare! We are a pretty laid back guild.we raid Saturday/Sunday 9:30 to 12:30 Est if raiding is ur thing! We are currently 10/10N as of last night. We also do keys on a fairly daily basis and a few of us pvp as well!!
If you want to add me on discord @ opal#2584 to discuss or have anything question feel free to message me!


Constant Karma is recruiting to bolster our roster for 9.1 and future tiers.
We are a laid back tight knit group, with a chill raid atmosphere. Our goal is to raid efficiently on a 7 hour per week schedule to achieve a competitive Cutting Edge each tier.

• Current progress: 1/10M and 9/10H
• Raid times are Tuesday/Wednesday 7:30-11pm Central
• We are currently looking for ALL ROLES.
• Solid logs are required to be considered for a trial.

Please message one of the following officers for more information.
Btag: Enigma#11219, Tazby#1457, or TayTay#11468

hey me and my guild would love to have you we are 7/10 heroic got fatescribe to 46% we raid fridays and saturdays 6pm pst to 9pm pst and will be adding wednesday but only 2 hours we supply food flasks pots and a weekly 15 after we get aotc we will be doing mythic past prog is 11/12 mythic nya and 6/10 mythic castle if your interested please add my discord DivineDH#4287

all love but only on illidan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i know i know im coming to lilldan cuzzo