[H] Hyjal <Sigh> Late night 10/10N 9/10H LFM

Sigh’s Late night raid team

Recruiting for a semi-casual group

About the guild:

Currently Sigh is a pretty solid guild which was initially formed for raiding but has come to be a home for most.

The guild has various personalities which you’ll come to enjoy hopefully, and some that you should definitely ignore lol.

We also have several people pushing high keys and a handful of people who pvp as well.

Goal for the group:

Since this is our first tier raiding as a group, our current goal is to at the very minimum get AOTC each tier. Once we get a solid core, we will push mythic. We just don’t expect CE right away.

I know the struggle of playing pretty late most of the week and not being able to get into a group because of it. Especially for those who play on the west coast. So hopefully this will be a great fit for you.

What we are looking for:

This will be Sigh’s “Second” team. With a more relaxed approach to raiding, we’re looking for any exceptional player to fill our roster. Either if you’re on your main or alt I expect the same push to kill bosses.

We ask to bring a positive attitude. Drama and all things negative are a no no. Being able to take constructive criticism and learn is a must.

Currently we are looking for any class/spec to fill our roster

Raid Schedule:


For more information contact me @

Looks good! Cant wait to expand the community

Sounds like fun

Don’t miss out!

Bump! /10char

Should be fun!

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They are pretty dang good

Still looking

Still in need of more awesome people

Late night is best night

idk what im doing here

Going to reach out. the Details sound like a great fit for me. I was a multi class tank for raid and M+ , prenerfs i was 6/12M on Blood and 5/12M on Warrior. also 2.4-2.5k IO on both. My routine requires a late night group and they are hard to find that are stable. would love to chat and see if i can fit in for SL as a tank or even a dps/ tank OS. thanks

Btag Xionfalling#1834

Still looking :slight_smile:

Seems like a good fit for me. I got a late night job and I’ve been wanting to try raiding in retail again after taking a break in Legion. I have some mythic raid experience, guild cleared mythic HFC in WoD, though we did only kill Archimonde in the pre-patch. Did some of EN before I decided to take my break. Though between school and work, not too sure if I’m ready to fully commit to a mythic raid again, and this seems like a nice way to still raid without resorting to pugs. If accepted I’d transfer over my hunter and pally, the latter I can dps or tank with.

Btag is Extinguisher#1164

Hi, Looking to get back into WoW with the Shadowlands launch. Had some issues early Legion with computer. That is all been worked out now, but I lost my raid team and with having to raid so late at night it was hard to find any guilds to raid with.
Would love to discuss more if you would like. Have previous experience in Mythics during Warlords and other expacs. Do my research on class forums, discords, and character sims.
Btag: Naimles#11250

Always looking :slight_smile:

pretty good dudes here

Where dem night owls at tho

Yeeeeeeeeeeeep. I hear frapi is a pretty cool guy. The mustache is suspect, but as long as you don’t look him in the eye… you should be fine.