[A] LF Guild PST late evening (9 - ?) raid times will server xfer

I’m returning to the game for shadowlands and looking for a permanent home to start playing, raiding, and becoming part of the community with.

Some History:
I started playing in vanilla with my hunter. Still have my rhok’delar bow. Enjoy the BM lore and story so that’s what a play most of the time. Over the years I have leveled all classes to max, minus warriors. Nothing against warriors just never got the feel for melee and using rage resource. Rogues and druid melee no problem, warrior… I’ll pass. But I digress… Over the year was in and out of serious raiding and playing just due to life: Military deployments, retirement, foster/adopt son, buy a house, started new career. Recently been casual as work and life is starting to get into a rhythm.

I’m now an old man looking to get back to a great community. Preferred raid times are late evening. Put my son to bed at 8 PST anytime after that is preferred. Can raid at other times just recognize the commitment and obligation of life and family first. My current guild is great but they play on the east coast/ current server time. Looking to rehome to a west coast server.

Happily answer any questions you may have.
BNET: murraymd1#1609
Discord: gunny#1113

Updated with ideal time… 9 pst until whenever

Hey Gravius, added you on both btag & disc. Not sure if you’d be willing to go horde. Here’s a little bit about our guild/team. Hope to hear from you back!

Hoping to stay Alliance.

bumping up