Looking for Late Night (10-11pm PST or Later) Weekend Guild

2 Raiding friends since Legion are looking for a late night weekend raiding guild for SL. I will most like be rolling Holy/Ret Paladin or Mage while the other is undecided but leaning toward dps or a flex heal role. Ideally we both are looking for a Fri/Sat raiding schedule starting at 10-11pm PST. Our experience ranges from progression raiding from Classic into Legion with Raid Lead/Officer experience during several tiers. However we have been mostly casual since Legion due to school and work. Looking to progress into Heroic/Mythic in SL with the right raid times.

Willing to transfer to a high pop West Coast server with the right raid times and mindset. Horde or Alliance.

Feel free to add my bnet Gigantor#12700 if interested.

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Sent you a request! Looking forward to talking!

Bump. Still Looking.

Just added your btag! I know our nights don’t match your ideal nights 100% but if you’re willing to do Thur/Fri we will be happy to join us! Here’s a bit about our guild. [H] Hyjal <Sigh> Late night 10/10N 9/10H LFM